the best damn bowl of oatmeal!

Well, it would seem I am a runner now. Because I run all the time. And I just completed my first 10 km. Without stopping. And enjoyed it. I’m also using GPS to track my distance, and thinking about carbohydrates, and water, and lactic acid, and stretching, and sweatbands, and loose fitting synthetic shirts, and water-resistant socks. This all makes it official. 

One of the most important things for my new ‘running’ self is proper nutrition to give me energy for my longer runs. Today I’m planning a 10 km in the rain, and feel the need for some good calories. So I made this – the best damn bowl of oatmeal in existence!


In it? Oats, flax seed, wheat bran, hemp seeds, almond milk, bananas, organic dried strawberries, organic raisins, cinnamon and pure local maple syrup. 

If that won’t get you running, I don’t know what will! Yum, yum, yuuuuum.