feel the destination today

“The journey has to feel the way you want the destination to feel.” – Danielle Laporte (check her out – mega mega amazing – www.daniellelaporte.com)

This quote is my desktop screen saver. I’m not always driven by pithy sayings, but this one in particular speaks volumes to me.

There are times when I have thought about the destination – only the destination. How great it would feel once I got ‘there’. How my life would be better once I was ‘there’. That I would experience happiness once I was ‘there’. That people would love me and be attracted to me ‘there’. But slowly I have learned that ‘there’ is actually nonexistent, as in there is no particular place you arrive at or destination or goal you reach that will cause you to feel good about yourself and your life permanently from that point onward. In fact, I would go as far as to say that ‘there’ actually exists right now as a part of  ‘here’.

Destinations are secondary to our moment-to-moment lived experiences. If we project happiness to ‘there’ we PREVENT ourselves from feeling it here, and yet here is where we should feel it, regardless of where we are in the grand scheme of living out our desires for ourselves. When we think of these destinations, we often imagine ourselves as being different from what we are now. Of course, changes will occur as we create them with consistent action, but we bring ourselves wherever we go. What you are right now is in need of your attention and acceptance. Work with the raw materials, whatever they are! Because we all have SOMETHING to work with right now, and that’s exactly what we need to do to be progressing.

So, I say again, ‘there’ is ‘here’ and ‘here’ leads to ‘there’. Confused? Naw, I know you get when I’m puttin’ down!

I have miles ahead of me to get to some of the destinations, the ‘there’s that I imagine for myself, but today I am happy with here.  Here, I am. Here, I feel alive, on fire, electric, beautiful, tenacious, unrelenting, and strong. Those feelings are the destination…now.

Feel the destination today – feel its hardcore awesomeness, people!



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