what is a ‘plateau’ really?

A plateau is NOT your body resisting your efforts or being uncooperative.

A plateau is NOT your exercise regime failing to be of benefit to you.

A plateau is NOT a sign that you aren’t doing things ‘right’.

A plateau is your body’s stopping point, and resting point, and re-calibrating point.

It is your body taking a moment to balance out and adjust to the new fitness you’ve accomplished and the new proportions and muscles and abilities that are now yours.

It is your body realizing that it is now capable of doing even more than it could before – more than even YOU think it can.

It is your body giving you permission to push harder and go further BECAUSE NOW YOU CAN! NOW YOU’RE READY!

And pushing harder and going further is best done ONLY when you’re body is ready!

So go for it, my fellow plateau-ers! Let’s look at our plateaus as our body giving us a green light to up the ante and open our minds to believing that we can!

That’s my thought for today, anyway.




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