The catch-up post (I know you still love me!)

Has it really been 9 months? Really? I feel like there should be some interesting story to support this…hmmm….

Like…I got knocked up by an older Middle Eastern gentleman who smelled like licorice and cigars and a million dollars, who completely lied to me about his oil fortunes, stole my heirloom dutch oven, and left me destitute and artisan-breadless. My parents then forced me to live away with a persnickety old aunt who hated the smell of my shampoo in order to avoid bringing shame to my family. I birthed an  illegitimate, religiously-doomed child alone in a cold attic by lamplight, and named him Rumi, after my favorite Arabic poet. I now run a pie shop in the country and name all the pies after Rumi’s poems. “Ooh, slice me up a piece of ‘A Moment of Happiness’, please! A la mode! And I’ve just got to try ‘Be With Those Who Help Your Being’, with the extra peaches, and gluten free, if you have it!”

And that brings me to today. No.  I’m kidding. This uterus has had a constant vacancy. No babies for this one-day-will-be momma. Also no pie shops. And my dutch oven is in the closet – safe and sound. Phewf!

Truthfully, this bloggy blog has been ignored because I have been living and loving life so hard that I kinda forgot to update! Yes, it’s true. This is the first time in my blogging history that I can say, completely in earnest, that my hiatus from blogging was due to happiness and choosing well, and not some kind of self sabotaging, lonely hate-cave dwelling, tub-of-ice-cream-with-a-snickers- bar-on-top madness. Nope. No diets in my world. No tubs of ice cream (maybe a dip cone or two on a foray into childhood with my sisters!). No hate-cave dwelling.

I’m a happy lady. A grateful one. And I’m more fit and healthy than I’ve been in my entire adult life. Like today, for instance. Today I went for a jog with my Pinto for 4 km. And you know what? It wasn’t hard. It was exhilarating. I felt light. I felt strong. I felt like I could have gone for longer. And next time I will.

I know, I know, you want the goods. The straight up scientific facts and not the hippy dippy, emotionally drippy “I LOVE EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE AND MY LIFE AND MY DOG” anecdotes that might actually make you hate me a little bit. Stop that! No hating here!

Current weight:  155 lb.

Goal weight: 130 lb.

Current fitness regime: Bikram’s hot yoga 2x weekly plus 3 km run 5 x weekly plus 2 km walk every day. Throw in some climbing at the gym (or outdoors in AUSTRALIA – yep!) and…well, you should see my quads, and my biceps. They are awesome. Strong. Still some chub, but…meh. I could give a fuck. I’m getting there and I’m doing it in a way that is right for me – slow and steady, self loving, inclusive of the things that interest and excite me.

In the last 9 months I have:

– Loved myself and kept promises to ME.


– Moved to a cabin in the woods by the river with a wood stove (my dream), learned how to chop and stack wood all by myself, and decided, after a couple of months of lovely solitude, deep inner reflection, and some almost-big mistakes, to drastically change my life – again. I’m not one for staying still – life is a dance, you have to keep moving! See this blog post (my other blog) for more details. 😉


– Said goodbye to the cabin in the woods and decided to move back to the big city to pursue my educational goals. Women’s studies/psychology. I start a degree program in September.

– Started a home academic transcription business (

– Traveled to Australia (gid’day, mate!) Holy awesome. Best trip of my life. I will go back one day.

IMG_20130611_042253 IMG_20130605_024317946110_10152893430300402_1095729453_n971640_10152935379500402_1340337631_n 972281_10152915494095402_1960152145_npic5aus pic1aus pic2aus

– Learned how to climb. Like the side of cliff faces, big, jagged steep rocks, with my hands and legs, sweat and tears, attached to a harness, with the possibility of falling to my death! Yep. I can do that now (beginner stages). (Sorry! I don’t have any pictures yet!)

– Lost weight. Gained weight. Lost weight. Gained weight. LOST weight. Finally. Can I get a witness?! (I know you do the same thing, biotch! Don’t even!)


So that would be…that. More to come soon!



(current pictures at my thinnest since starting this blog)



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