what is a ‘plateau’ really?

A plateau is NOT your body resisting your efforts or being uncooperative.

A plateau is NOT your exercise regime failing to be of benefit to you.

A plateau is NOT a sign that you aren’t doing things ‘right’.

A plateau is your body’s stopping point, and resting point, and re-calibrating point.

It is your body taking a moment to balance out and adjust to the new fitness you’ve accomplished and the new proportions and muscles and abilities that are now yours.

It is your body realizing that it is now capable of doing even more than it could before – more than even YOU think it can.

It is your body giving you permission to push harder and go further BECAUSE NOW YOU CAN! NOW YOU’RE READY!

And pushing harder and going further is best done ONLY when you’re body is ready!

So go for it, my fellow plateau-ers! Let’s look at our plateaus as our body giving us a green light to up the ante and open our minds to believing that we can!

That’s my thought for today, anyway.




toxic talk

Today I feel compelled to write about the toxic effect of gossip. The power of words to wound or to heal, to create beauty and harmony, or ugliness and enemy lines.

In my own life I have seen firsthand how destructive gossip can be, from being on both the receiving end as well as a participant in gossip.  No, my hands are not clean.

When a person is gossiped about by their friends, family, coworkers, etc, they know it without *knowing* it. Why? Because words are energy – energy that is exchanged between people and energy that fulfills the intention that was behind the words that were spoken. The intentions behind our words are like a sort of predetermined flight path. An algorithm that is set and will essentially play itself out in the universe, either causing good things or destructive things for ourselves and others.  This is my belief, anyway.

If you are bitter with another person and you speak this bitterness out behind their back, they feel it. If you are mocking a person and belittling them, celebrating their struggles, elevating yourself above them, it will eventually touch that person. It will find them and it will wound them. The energetic tendrils reach out and out and out, the intention (if poisonous) pollutes the emotional atmosphere, and everyone involved becomes toxic unless there is awareness, a change of heart, communication, and words of love replacing words of hate.

The human desire for love, acceptance and belonging is perhaps the most powerful driving force behind almost everything we do. When we feel the toxicity of gossip or hate, of misunderstanding or jumping to conclusions about one another, our well being itself becomes threatened. This leads to serious mental/emotional dysfunction and struggle. Dis-ease in the body. Dis-ease in the spirit. And that can never be good.

A toxic state needs to be cleansed. If you are gossiping regularly about other people, you are creating a toxic state for yourself as well as the person you are gossiping about – especially if their defenses are down. If you are being gossiped about and betrayed by those who claim to care for you, this creates a sense of disconnection and fear – it compromises your sense of well being and safety, and again, becomes a toxic state for you.

We need to detox from these states. We need to stop gossiping. We need to approach each other and work it out – human being to human being. We need to access our higher selves and find a loving solution.

I wanted to bring this to light so that all of us can reflect today on the POWER OF OUR WORDS. Remembering that words are never empty and we never “get away” with gossiping or slandering another. There is always an effect. There is always an energetic shift. The question we have to ask ourselves is, what kind of an effect do we want to have on others? Do we want to cause an increase of love in their lives or an increase of fear? And if we are in conflict with another, what can be done to resolve that conflict? Can we find the courage to approach them and speak our truth with integrity? There is a way when there seems no to be no way, and LOVE is the way! It makes a way. It leads the way. It IS the way.

So love each other. Love your friends. Love your family members. Love your coworkers, and as the prophet Jesus taught, “Love your enemies.” There is so much we don’t know about each other. You can look into my eyes for a hundred years and never know the true complexities and intricacies of my soul, the thoughts that cycle through my mind, the struggles I face, and reasons I do what I do. We are foundationally connected as human beings – made from the same fabric – but there is a permanent and mysterious unknowableness to all of us, as we are forced to inhabit our own bodies and minds alone. It is an alienating experience sometimes. But if we can appreciate that mystery and engage in the adventure of loving each other, then we will be searching, day by day, for the beauty in one another.

Just like the crystal formations that exist deep in the earth that are never seen, only known about. Each person is a mystery, and the object is not to SOLVE  each other, but to appreciate as much as we can, to continue to seek to understand, and to be in awe of the amazing discoveries we make about each other along the way. That is the best we can ask for. That is beautiful.  That is how we know god without *knowing* god.

Waxing philosophical today. Thanks for reading.



That moment…

…you realize that ALL the clothes you picked from the racks at Winners to try on are a few sizes too big.

That XL and L are letters that can be removed from your clothing vernacular.

That you have to adjust the way you see yourself – I’m not overweight anymore. I’m fit. I CAN FIT into clothes that I never could before.

Size 8. Medium. Maybe even small. Tight wasted? No problem. Tapered? Go ahead and rock that, baby! Bathing suit? My milkshake brangs all the boyz to the yaard, and damn right, it’s better than yours! (I don’t actually think my milkshake is better than yours. For the record.)

Shopping. Equilibrium shift. Realizing that I got there…to that place that I worked so very hard to get, and I almost didn’t pick up on it when it happened. That just goes to show that ‘that place’ we all want to get; that place we think is going to make us feel totally complete and whole and triumphantly healthy and ‘thin’, is kind of a myth. I felt more discombobulated than anything, to be honest!

I was all like:

“This is too big for me…I don’t understand? Must be labeled wrong, or…oh, wait…OOHHHHH!!!! I’m too small for it. Hmmm…I’ve never experienced this before. I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’m shopping for someone else! I guess it’s time to start looking in a different section. Okay. I get it. I can do this, but it’s going to take some getting used to. So. Friggin. Weird. But. Totally. Awesomesauce! I wonder if that small tank will fit me? May as well try it on!”

And that is today…

And…I’m kinda happy to be sporting these new workout clothes. Look at those muscles! What a strong lady! 🙂