October 1 – cleanse is over – let me just say…

Okay. So, it’s been 30 days since I started the Isagenix cleanse. I stopped posting after day 11 because I just wanted to ride it out and see what would happen; if I would lose more weight, if I would be able to maintain the 2 shakes/1 meal a day thing, and the program in general. Good call, Amber…

Here’s the reality – I only made it to day 22 before my world came crashing down and the romance period with this cleanse ended. Why, you ask? I. Got. Super. Duper. Sick. And. Also. Got. The. Worst. Period. Ever.

For reals.

First of all, let me say that I did not get sick BECAUSE of Isagenix – I just…got sick. After being surrounded by a couple of sick roomies, and a sick boyfriend, it was bound to happen, and it did. Strep throat (like really bad), and fever, and then head cold, and I was pretty much in bed and trying to keep it together for most of the week. The cleanse and exercise regime went out the window once the antibiotics came on the scene and my sleep schedule got super wonky. Oh, and then there was the reactive eating because the pendulum of discipline swung the opposite direction, so I started getting into some high calorie comfort food last week c/o of my Spanish lover/personal chef (that’s not even a joke). I put the lid on it pretty quick, but it was a slip for sure.

All of this to say, Isagenix is obviously a great product/system. I did lose 15 inches off my body and lost 7 lbs in the first couple of weeks. Five of those pounds were pounds I had gained back (from 154 to 159), minus 2 pounds after that,  so I’m at 152! That makes me happy, regardless of the fact that I wasn’t able to complete the entire 30 days of cleansing, I know that that first highly disciplined and motivated 2 weeks really got the job done of detoxing my body and getting me out of my plateau. The increased energy I felt also got me jogging again, which I am continuing to do. Just went for a 3 km jog this morning! It was tough because of having been sick and out of commission for the past while, but I know I can do it now, and that makes all of the difference.

I’ve come to the conclusion that, due to my personal makeup and just the way I live my life, any rigid system of dieting or long term cleansing is an extreme challenge for me. I am not a highly disciplined person, although I am a very hard working and persevering person. I can accomplish a lot, but it doesn’t always come through the system that makes the most sense. I’ve come to terms with that fact – I kind of dance to the beat of my own drum. Always have and always will. 🙂

Isagenix was not really my kinda beat, I don’t think. It sure did make me feel awesome though, but it is not something I could sustain for any length of time or really be passionate enough about to stand behind and sell to the masses. Just being real here!

Also, I realized something very important in this whole process – real food is important to me, and my relationship with food is important to me. I want to have a good relationship with food. I want to plan meals that are healthy, cook, create, bake, share meals with others, celebrate the beauty of food – that’s part of who I am. Doing meal replacements became so very very lackluster after 10 or so days; something was missing! Also, I felt like if I wanted to really subscribe to the Isagenix lifestyle, it would become almost a codependent relationship with the products and without them I would be lost. No offences, Isagenix, but that’s how my brain processed it.

The challenge for me still is to refine and balance my relationship with food. I continue to struggle with overeating, portion control, and impulse eating from time to time, and yet I am probably about 80% healthier and more in control than I was 2 or 3 years ago. Progress has been made – big progress – and I feel like if I keep at it I will eventually have a relationship with REAL FOOD that is REALLY HEALTHY and also satisfying on a personal, culinary and social level. That’s the goal for me. Isagenix is just not a good fit in that sense! Me and food still gots shit ta work out!

So, that is my update. I keep it real, peeps! I often fail at things or don’t complete them because I change my mind or give up. But you know what I love and appreciate about myself?????

I never ever stop growing or trying, I let my failures teach me, and I always find my way to the things that matter to me…even if it’s a bit of a windy road.

I went for a 3 km jog this morning, drank my probiotic greens, took my omega-3-6-9s, vitamin D drops, antibiotics (ew – so strange to take probiotics and antibiotics in the same day!) and I’m eating a real yummy fall apple right now! However, about 15 minutes ago, I also ate an amazingly good handmade peanut butter cup that I purchased from a chocolatier at Lonsdale Quay Market yesterday afternoon…

And that’s how I roll. If you wanna pretend like you’ve never eaten chocolate for breakfast, go right ahead. I’ll be honest for the both of us instead! Hee hee!





4 thoughts on “October 1 – cleanse is over – let me just say…

  1. Awesome – I so appreciate what you say here – I suspect I would also miss “real” food a lot, but I think for me the jump start would be really good, as you found! Need to hear more about this Spanish lover/personal chef…. 🙂

  2. This is the best line. ever. “c/o of my Spanish lover/personal chef (that’s not even a joke).” and it really begs a whole blog entry of its own if you are so inclined for the seriously curious! (like Desiree and myself 🙂

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