cleanse day 2 check in

Just a brief check in for day 2 of my Isagenix 30-day cleanse.

I feel great this morning. I was able to wake up really early and felt energized right away – which is not always the case for me! I didn’t feel hungry at all yesterday, as I find the IsaLean shakes are actually very filling and keep hunger at bay.

So far, so good. I like the taste of the products, and the biggest and best surprise to me was the lack of sweetness in the IsaLean mix – and that’s a good thing! So many meal replacement products are LOADED with sugar, and I simply can’t stand them. The IsaLean shakes have a very low level sweetness that brings out the flavour, but nothing above and beyond that. Also, the sweetness comes from natural fruit and vegetable sugars, like beets! Amazing.

I am feeling great so far! I will check in after my 2 cleanse days on September 3 and 4. Those will inevitably be challenging, but I’ll get through them.

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