August update!

Hello again! It’s been a few months now, during which time I have been focusing on getting re-ACTIVE-ated and emotionally healthier. And the good news – I’m down another 12 lbs! Yep. Lowest weight I’ve been since starting this blog…

And the magic number is – 154 lb!!!

There is no big secret to this, really. I have been hiking, walking, yoga-ing, eating healthy, thinking positive, practicing mindfullness, journaling, art-ing, and letting go of the that which no longer serves me. All of these behaviors lead to a healthier human being in anyone who practices them. There is no magic formula or pill – it’s just about getting real and getting right with yourself; accepting that deep universal source love into your life in every area. That’s my secret, anyway.

Having said that though, I am kind of excited about a cleanse I am going to be starting in mid-August, in which I will be supported and coached all the way through by a new friend and someone I would consider a well-balanced health guru (nutritionist and realist!).

Ever heard of Isagenix?  I personally didn’t know much about it until meeting Tammra. Usually when it comes to network marketing products, I am a bit skeptical. My skepticism doesn’t come from the belief that these products are a scam (they are very much legitimate and GREAT products most of the time!), but understanding that network marketing requires a great deal of effort and passion, that often I have not had the energy to invest. However, meeting people like Tammra and my one of my bestest friends in the whole world, Desiree with Stampin’ Up!, I have been wowed and amazed at the success these beautiful ladies have had through their hard work, openness, and integrity in their business dealings. Very impressed!

So, I am going to try Isagenix and do the 30-day cleanse. It is an amazing cleansing program in that it detoxifies the body (from toxins mostly stored in the fast cells) and at the same time it REPLENISHES the body with the right mineral and vitamin balance. It is a whole foods product, above organic grade, and the success people have using it is pretty mind blowing. The results speak for themselves, and that’s what I’m interested in!

I feel ready to do a cleanse having spent the last 2 years working on the emotional aspects of weight loss. I get that part now. I get that you need to love yourself, that you need to break away from dysfunctional learned behaviors and coping mechanisms, and that you need to get active and find your way back to being excited about life! Those are the most important first steps. Now I am at a plateau having achieved those milestones of knowledge, and I’m ready to take the next step and give myself a good physical kickstart!

Enter Isagenix! My blog over August will be focusing on the cleanse once it starts and keeping you in the loop about the way I am feeling and weight I am losing in the process. I think we are all going to be pleasantly surprised.

Thanks for continuing to follow my blog!

Keep on keepin’ on!



5 thoughts on “August update!

  1. Amber, wonderful to hear how well life is going for you. And congrats on the weight loss! The photo you have posted is stunning! Love those cheekbones!! When I first looked at this one it reminded me of some very old photos I’ve seen of my mum from her youth. You have a beautiful balance of the Gould/Goddard genes in you my darling niece! Be well xo

    • made me use my blog name…sadly i haven’t used the blog much. i wrote one day and was so happy with having written so much that i posted it and it disappeared and i’ve said ‘pshaw’ to the blog ever since. perhaps it’s time again. love you, your auntie

      • Oh, I know the frustration with blog posts that disappear! Has happened to me on occasion as well. Keep blogging though! It’s good for self motivating. 🙂

        Thanks for the encouragement, and yes, I’ve seen pics of Grandmama, and just know I am the apple of that woman’s beautiful eye…inherited a lot of her genes, me thinks.

        Love you very much, dear Aunt!

  2. You look stunning, as I told you when we visited!! Absolutely fabulous, radiant 🙂 And that comes from inside!!! You are hands down, without exception, the most beautiful person I have ever known – I feel happy just THINKING about you!! I am so glad that you are finding your place, facing your demons, and coming out stronger! Thank you so much for the shout out *blush* 🙂 I can’t wait to hear about your experience with Isagenix too!!

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