Oooh! and…

Oooh!!   Just noticed that my outfit in the picture from my last post, matches my blog banner! *pleased smile and sigh*



And…I would also like to announce that I will go into more detail about WHY I chose to rekindle previously blogged-about, angst-ridden, broken-up relationship in a future post, as I know you are alll soooo curious.   And although I’m not always into sharing personal details on my blog (okay, well, I guess I’ve shared a lot!), relationships have a lot of relevance to health and weight loss (practical and emotional), as everything in our lives is somehow tied together.  So it connects and its valid.

Stay tuned!



the law of displacement

Hello blog…and blog readers (if there are any of you left!)…and computerland.

I’m back from a crazy month and a half.  It’s funny how you can be sailing along in boring, regular routine, and then suddenly it’s one thing after the next gobbling up your time and energy.  I needed to take a break from blogging in order to focus on getting my 60 hours of work in per week, writing some music, re-kindling a romance I recently ended (remember big epic post about breaking up and being alone and all that jazz…well…yeah…can’t let this one get away, just can’t!!!), and being VERY sick with a flu and then some other stuff that wiped me out for a couple of weeks.

Here’s the good news — I broke through my plateau and started losing again!  I’m not going to post any numbers until I’m at a specific number I’m working towards, but I’m proud of myself for fitting in some exercise and healthy eating in the midst of a very busy and challenging month.

There is something very significant that I became aware of in this intense busy time — the law of displacement — a very tangible reality that has me asking myself the question, “Am I trying to fit in too much…do I need to cut things out?”.  Basically I am realizing that sometimes in order to fit in something new or something more (or even something old that you’ve picked up again!), one needs to let go of something already in one’s life in order to create space.  I am not skilled at this.  I try to do everything all at once, and end up crashing and burning.  It’s hard for me to stop doing one thing in order to make  room for another. I WANT IT ALL!!!  Greedy for life, I suppose.

For instance, I started an improv/performance skills class this month, and I found that in order to make time for this, I had to give up reading!  I will resume with the books in a few weeks when this is done, but in the meantime, that is seriously the state of affairs.

This is a busy time for me because of the whole working 2 jobs thing (financial goals being met because of it, however, and getting debt free really quick!).  But, on top of 2 jobs, I have to try and fit in an exercise routine, time to cook and prepare healthy food, time for friends and family, time for romantic relationship (which, I admit, can be all consuming some days), time for extracurricular activities (like the acting class), time for writing and practicing music, time for fun and entertainment, time for cleaning my house and doing laundry, time for doctors appointments, and hair appointments, and birthdays, and and and and and…the list goes on.  I wish there were 34 hours in a day!  I’d be rocking hard, in that case!  So — displacement — making room — this is my learning curve right now.

May is a month for me to balance my activities and make sure I am creating space for exercise specifically.  I am lucky to have a partner that is enthusiastic about exercise and willing to do healthy activities with me.  This will help.  I am responsible for how the landscape of my life looks, and what I am able to accomplish based on my choices.  This I accept.

Goals for May include:

1.  A 6-lb weight loss.

2.  Yoga twice a week.

3.  Cardio 3 x a week at work.

4.  10 hours of alone time per week to write music and journal (spread out).

5.  Getting outdoors at least once a week for some kind of physical activity.

6. BLOGGING — at least once a week.  😉

Thanks for reading.  Hope you are all able to MAKE SPACE for the things that matter to you and reflect your life values.

I leave you with a quote:

Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.

– Mahatma Gandhi