healthy food, why do I forget how good you make me feel??!

Well.  This week has been a GREAT week foodwise.  I’m eating so healthy that I feel like maybe I am going to turn green…like a healthy plant green colour!  I have more energy, I feel more positive, I’m sleeping well, the inflammation in my joints is going away, I am motivated to exercise (and have been!), and I feel, most importantly, that general sense of well being and wholeness that comes with good self care.  Thank goodness for being allowed to have a healthy re-start and get this feeling back again, and for the amazing healing power of whole foods!  It’s no lie, my friends, healthy food heals us!  🙂

Speaking of healthy foods, I have found a new favorite snack that combines two of my favorite foods — guacamole and Ryvita crackers!


ryvita crackers!

Never thought to combine them before, but they make for a spectacular taste experience! And for those of you who believe in the health benefits of avocado (please read here for some great info!), this quick snack recipe is a great way to incorporate some healthy fats into your diet!

It’s no coincidence that I’m post this snack recipe today, because guacamole is green, and it St.  Patrick’s Day here in Canada!  WOOHOO!  Another nationwide excuse to drink a lot of beer and wear ugly green clothing!

I shall call it this recipe….


You will need:

the fruit of 1 avocado, scooped out into a bowl

1 pinch of salt (whenever I use this expression “pinch of salt” I always picture a bowl of salt with big eyes looking up at me saying “stop it, that hurts!”…it’s my brain, it just does these things, I can’t control the fact I think in cartoons!)

1 clove of garlic, minced

the juice of 1/2 a lime or lemon (I prefer lime) — roll it on the counter with your hands first to get the most juice out of it!

1 snag (I can’t think of a better word?) of cilantro, chopped up

a couple squirts of CHIPOTLE TABASCO, which, if you don’t have, you should most definitely purchase, ’cause it’s a-maaazing!

chipotle tabasco!

So, mix all those ingredients together until your guacamole has a smooth, creamy texture, then spread it on three Ryvita crackers (which is only 120 calories for all three!), and voila!  Something very yummy is about to happen…in your mouth.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



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