*deep breath* finally

Can I just say, that after my venting post yesterday, I actually feel a lot better?

That, and the fact I got a REALLY god night’s sleep.  I also had a chance to see my amazing new family doctor today, who is just so understanding and thorough and helpful.  She told me that I have asthma!  Yes, asthma, which is the reason I  have been having trouble increasing the intensity of my runs!  She gave me Ventolin puffers to try before exercise, which should help.  Unfortunately, she also told me I most likely  in the first stage of a viral bronchitis.  So, I’m at work today hoping this cough doesn’t get any worse and that “heavy” feeling in my chest just magically goes away!

And, I went ahead and made myself a meal plan for the next few days.  It’s all healthy, I promise you.

Okay, so I think I am officially picking myself up by the bootstraps here.  Thank God!

And thank to y’all for sending me the positive vibes.

Here’s a song for the moment:



2 thoughts on “*deep breath* finally

  1. So glad you’ve found some strength inside to pick yourself up 🙂 Just remember that fabulous advice you gave – keep doing what works, and it will work whether you FEEL LIKE it or not! 🙂 I’m right there with you, not feeling like it, and doing it! I just started Chalean Extreme on Tuesday, along with my complete sugar detoxification and healthy diet!! I find it hilarious that I somehow think it is easier to make a drastic change than to make small ones 🙂

    I read an interesting article the other day (where, I have no idea) that basically said ONE cheat meal per week is pretty essential to keep from hitting those evil, evil plateaus – the extra fat/calories actually tell your body that everything is okay, there is lots of food available, it doesn’t have to save anything extra. The obvious ESSENTIAL point being, ONLY ONE MEAL, not the whole day 🙂 Anyway, I thought that might be helpful for you!

    Stay strong! I believe in you…(now I’m singing Amanda Marshall in my head…a good thing!!)


    • Thanks, Des. It’s so true! I am trying to avoid the drastic change approach, although that mentality seems to creep up and make me feel sorta guilty. Just taking it day by day. Dealing with very sick family members, two jobs, and big life changes has just knocked the wind out of me. Great job on your end with the classes! You’re awesome. I’m still excited about re-starting zumba fit and hot yoga. March will redeem itself by the second or third week, Im hoping! 🙂

      Sent happily from my iPhone. 🙂

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