My 101st post and it’s RAINING BUCKETS OUTSIDE

Howdy.  It’s raining.  *whines*.  And we’re talking Amazon-jungle- fat- raindrops- that-manage- to- sneak- under- your- umbrella- and- soak- you- anyways- with- evil- force kinda rain…and it’s also cold.  February in Vancouver — what can be done?!

Well, the last few days I have been sick with a cold and trying to rest.  I am better at taking care of myself when I’m sick than I used to be, and tend to get well faster because of it. I feel rested today and my head is considerably clearer physically (sinuses are finally starting to unswell!) and mentally than it has been for quite some time.

I wanted to say thank you to those of you who very kindly wrote me with some suggestions for ways to increase exercise in my daily life.   I did spend a lot of time thinking about it and talking with friends and fellow bloggers , and I have come up with a plan of action…literally, a plan that requires me putting my body into more action!  🙂

First of all, as of yesterday I am on a LIMITED (and I mean next to none) dairy diet and am cutting out all overly-processed foods and refined sugars from my diet.  So far, I am doing splendidly, mind you it has been less than 24 hours!  Pride cometh before a…donut.  Anyway.  I have analyzed the healthy foods I am eating versus the unhealthy foods I END UP eating simply because they are there and have taken the proverbial ax to the latter and added to the former!  By March 1st, my kitchen is going to be completely WHOLE FOODS, my friends, and everything that’s in it is going to be beneficial to my health and wellbeing!  I already have some recipes for homemade granolas, almond milk, sauces, nut butters, breads, etc, that I’m going to put to the test and hopefully they will prove to be delicious and nutritious and replace some of the unhealthier versions I’m using currently.  That is the first step — removing the food obstacles.

I recognized last week that I haven’t been as careful with my eating as I used to be in the beginning of my weight loss blogging journey, because I got a bit cocky about having my weight under control and being an “active” person.  However, the “active” part of me started to become more and more inactive over the winter months and thus the careless eating habits caught up with me and prevented any further weight loss.  It’s simple really, as I always reiterate on this blog — healthy eating plus exercise equals weight loss and there’s no truly HEALTHY way around it.  Period.

Now in terms of my  exercise routine, I am going to stick with my 30 min every day on the treadmill at work and 20 minutes of yoga afterwards three times weekly.  I am adding to my weekly routine ONE Bikram’s yoga class at the Bikram’s studio just up the street from me (the convenience of this location will help me to stay motivated to get there!), which will be a big part of the strength training component of my weekly exercise.  One Bikram’s class gets ALL your major muscle groups challenged with all kinds of yummy resistance, and the sweating from the heat detoxifies you for the week, I swear it!! I will also make an effort to fit in one exercise class at my local community centre (i.e. Zumba fit, Salsa fit, Cario Pump) every week  to boost the cardio portion of my weekly exercise and also just so I feel I am letting loose and having FUN with exercise, which is the way it should be!  I will start this routine next week as I am still recovering from a cold and getting my apartment all sorted out post rennovations and repairs.  There will be updates, obviously, and I’ll keep you posted on when I overcome the plateau I am in.

Thanks, again, readers for the advice and encouragement.  I have been a little more demotivated than usual and every bit of positive feedback helps!


Oh, and I almost forgot!!!!!


HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.  ALL WE NEED I LOVE…and respect, and dignity, and reciprocation, and humility, and compassion. 😉



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