Um. Stop it! JUST STOP IT!

I have just been hit with the biggest barrage of stuff-happening-all-at-once-that-is-stressful-and-annoying.

Forget the emotionally challenging stuff I hinted at last week and a bit ago…that’s small potatoes now.

In the meantime though, life has been stressFUL and I’m yelling “Um.  Stop it!  JUST STOP IT!” to the sky.  For instance, my roommates contracted the chicken pox (right before they moved out on Jan 31st!) when M has never had it, thus we  have had to live at different places for the last week and a half to avoid the plague (well, I actually got to house sit for friends with a cute doggy, which wasn’t all that bad!).  Also, after returning home last Friday it was time to get going on house renovations…yes, painting and cleaning and switching bedrooms and selling furniture, all wrought with complication and delay.    Upon arrival home I had to spend almost 12 hours disinfecting my apartment from said CP virus before M could safely come home and thus bombarded my system with all kinds of gross chemicals which I still have a headache from.  Underlying all of this, I had THE WORST PMS IN YEARS for most of last week…I’m talking irrational emotions, irritation, hunger like I haven’t eaten for weeks, and extreme fatigue.  I didn’t even have enough energy to complete  my simple workouts last week, let alone my hard ones, so I wasn’t able to meet my goals.  *Boooo*. And I had a painful visit from aunt flow just in time for all the hours and hours of hard work I had to put into getting my house disinfected and cleaned and reorganized post roommates leaving!

JEEZZZ.  I  know, I know.  I’m kind of just venting here because I need to get it off my shoulders….but last week was a BAD week, my friends, and I just want to leave it behind.  That’s why I didn’t post.  Too busy, to tired, too annoyed, too frustrated with everything.  And now…it’s over.  🙂

And why am I here writing today?  Oh yeah… because I made a commitment to a healthy me and I am sticking to it!  Because bad weeks sneak up on all of us and the most important thing to do after a bad week is refocus your energy into what is good and healthy and will make you feel back in control of what matters to you…instead of dwelling on it and letting it consume more of your time and energy!

So here I am.  Today I am going to eat only healthy foods.  So far it has been water, a bran/oatmeal peach muffin, and a cup of coffee with soy. Good start!  I slept a full 9 hours last night, and I’m going to take advantage of some vacation time in order to leave work a bit early today to tie up loose ends at home,  de-stress completely, and then GET MY BUTT OUTSIDE FOR A NICE LONG WALK!  It’s a beautiful, sunny day here in Vancouver (GASP), so I just gotta.  🙂

My posts for the rest of the week will be about DOING THE STUFF.  I’m gonna beat this bad week and get back into the groove.

If anyone else has had a bad week or weekend or month or, well, however long the time, hang in there and just take a couple of days to re-work your choices and re-build your energy.  I’m in it with you.  🙂




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