G’Bye Y’all!

So peeps, Amber and I agreed that I would write out a final sayanara post.  Well, here it is.  

To summarize: I liked having a blog with Amber.  It was fun, and then it was work.  And then I stopped losing weight.  And then I gained some weight.   And then after Christmas adding a blog to the mix seemed too much and we agreed that Amber would carry on the family name (5 ft 2).   

For those with more patience:  Amber has been the icing on the cake for me, sometimes she’s taken the cake – a marbled wonder – sometimes she’s the airy delicate mouselline in the middle of the slab, or a surprising tangy, jammy, pouty, sweet-n-tart raspberry swirl.  She gives great advice, sees the practical side of life, but has enough type A to go for the fairy dreams too.  All lovely and wonderful things that make Miss Amber a piquant and delightful person, so I thank her for including me in some of her dreams! 

Yes, I admit things didn’t work out bloggero-e-bloggero.   The weight loss wasn’t happening and most of the nights were long and drawn out, even though I had rationalized I was working through things.  I don’t know what my weight loss plans are now.   Being “me” doesn’t include what I see in someone’s eyes or hear occasionally under someone’s breath.  Fat, huge, freak, morbidly obese, wide load, not good enough.   Let me encourage you, if you are a person who is hiding under what people see, read the book The Elegance of the Hedgehog.  It takes courage, people, to take yourself seriously. 

So, without further adiu, I bid you good day, gentle readers.  May your vim be equaled by the vigor of which you seek; and may neither one of these be found in a drink.



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