It’s so fluffy!!!!………..and me in a two piece

I watched an animated movie the other day called Despicable Me, and FELL IN LOVE with one of the main characters, a little girl named Agnes.  Her and I share a similar enthusiasm for fluffy unicorns!!!

Here is a video to show you what I’m talking about!

I know how you feel, Agnes.  I really really do, and I appreciate your maniacal enthusiasm.  “IT’S SOO FLUFFY!!!!!”   We all need a little maniacal enthusiasm once in a while to keep things interesting.  I feel this way about fluffy unicorns, but also about fluffy slippers and blankets and, well, anything really truly fluffy!!!

And on that note, in a completely extraneous fashion,  I am posting a picture of me wearing my new TWO PIECE (although the top is tank style!) bathing suit.  It’s a picture that I am not maniacally enthusiastic about.  I’m still not looking as *small* as I want to, but alas, I am pleased that I can obviously see how 30-lbs-lighter looks on me and the fact I can wear this in public and feel okay about it now!

So there you have it!  Oh the times, they are a changin’.    Can’t wait to see what I look like in a two piece at 140 lbs!  Soon enough, Amber.  Soon enough.



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