Changes are falling like sunshine and rain…

Changes are falling like sunshine and rain….

Haha!  Did anyone else other than me get thoroughly traumatized by that sex ed video from the 1990’s where the male and female genitalia of all shapes and sizes literally start raining down from the sky while they sing “changes are falling like sunshine and rain”?  Man!  I wish I could find the video online (searching for the last 10 minutes and nada!) because that would just be AWESOME.  Share the horror, that’s what I say!

But yeah.  Seriously,  that video was real.  I was there, and being the precocious 12-year-old I was, all I could do was sit there and scoff at the developers of the sex ed program and the video itself for how behind the times they truly were.  I was proud of myself for knowing the facts wellll ahead of time.  😉

Anyway…changes.  Are falling. Like sunshine and rain. On this blog!

I won’t write  a huge big post on all the changes, you will see them soon enough, but here is a simple summary.

Basically, I am going solo.

Deb, the co-starter of this blog, and I talked about it and decided me taking over the blog as a solo project is the best thing for both of us.  This blog has been a very instrumental sounding board and form of catharsis for me on my weight loss journey, and therefore I want to continue on with it and stay connected in the blogging world.  For Deb it comes down to, and I quote, “It was good, it is over. next.” .  I think it’s a good thing to know when to hold em, fold em, and when to walk away, so to speak!  Steam-lining our lives is an important part of staying true to ourselves.   Cut the excess and stick with what matters to you and serves you the most.  🙂

The original vision of this blog was the two of us, being so different in our weight loss goals and lifestyles, joining forces and journeying together towards health and weight loss.  This was a very positive move  in the beginning of 2010!  Both Deb and I made great progress and learned a great deal about ourselves from being accountable to each other and this blog.  We have different struggles and ways of handling them.  We have succeeded and failed along the way in different ways.

Deb.  I just want to give you BIG KUDOS for all the encouragement, humour, love and support you have offered me  while I’ve been getting through all the stuff I needed to get through!  You are one of the rare people in my life who has never judged me for my shortcomings, has always offered me sound advice and wisdom, and has helped me get back on the horse when I’ve jumped fallen right off.  I am 30 lbs lighter than I was last year, and that has a lot to do with you!

So blog followers, 5 Foot 2 and Shrinking is going to undergo some format and appearance changes soon, and I am going to really make this blog MINE.  And yes…two piece bathing suit photo will be up soon!  2011 is going to be a great blogging year.




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