exercise = transformation

Exercise = Transformation. Exercise = Transformation.  Exercise = Transformation.

This is my mantra today, and for the rest of January. It’s a mantra reminding me that EXERCISE has always lead to TRANSFORMATION in me, body and mind, in combination, of course, with healthy eating and living.  Looking back over the periods of my life where I included regular exercise, it seems that eating healthy was much more instinctual and simple because the exercise was causing me to feel so  good and therefore my mind was more ease and my eating habits naturally became healthier.  That’s how it goes.  Exercise is a cure for depression/sadness, fatigue or low energy, insomnia, body aches/pains (especially for those who work jobs that require hours of sitting), etc.  I have experienced all of these to some degree.  Also, the endorphins that are released when you regularly exercise are proven to have a positive effect on your personal relationships, your self esteem, your sense of satisfaction with your life, and ability to spice things up in the bedroom!  Basically the rewards of exercise are all-inclusive, for body, for mind, for spirit.

For the last four days I have been exercising in one form or another each day.  Mostly it has been the elliptical at work for 30 minutes as well as walking as many places as possible, or yoga for 30 minutes.  It’s a small start in preparation for a more intensive exercise routine, but already I feel an increase in energy and a sense of hopefulness and strength that is pushing forward in all the right ways.  Also, I have reduced my calorie intake WITH EASE (honestly!) by about 400 calories and am only consuming 1300 calories a day (with an additional 200 subtracted when including the exercise!).  I can feel the weight coming off already and know that 150’s is not that far away!  Very exciting.

My encouragement to anyone reading this would be to remember all of the benefits of exercise instead of being intimidated by the challenge that it may present.  It’s only hard if you believe it’s hard.  Even if you only feel the energy for 15 minutes of walking, do it!  You will feel thaaaat much better at the end of the day because you did!  And you deserve to feel good about who you are and the choices you are making in your life.  The better you feel, the more you accomplish and the more you thrive and enjoy the gift of life that is yours.

Happy exercising!  Happy transforming!




3 thoughts on “exercise = transformation

  1. cutting out cream and sugar (approx 250 calories) and no more fruit juice either (another 200 calories). There are days I will drink juice, but the goal is to cut it out too and cut down on extras during the day so that I never exceed 1400 calories in a day!

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