cream and sugar get the boot!

Shameless Twilight Plug…

Happy New Year, everyone!  2011 is here and I am ready to have another healthy, meaningful 12 months!

I had one of the best New Year’s Eves ever, as Michael (my boyfriend…let’s just call him M on this blog from now on) and I elected to stay home together to plan out some goals for the upcoming year and also…drum roll please…to try out the new deep fryer!!  Yep.  Mmmhmmm.  Oh yes we did!  It was the typical eat-as-much-delicious-fattening-food-as-humanly-possible-before-12:00 am-January 1 challenge, and I succeeded…with no regrets!  We made donuts, onion rings and jalepeno poppers from scratch.   Here’s apicture of the jalepeno poppers pre-production and the donuts post-production:

It was surprisingly easy, although very messy with all the batter and breadcrumb bits flying all over the kitchen.  We also steamed some healthy green veggies and drank mango spritzers (pure mango juice + San Pelligrino) to add a bit of healthiness to the evening’s menu…or at least create the comforting illusion of it!   It was so much fun and absolutely delicious!  We were barely able to make it to midnight after tuning on the movie Legend and lying there in a carb/fat coma.  But alas, we made it to the much anticipated moment when 2010 swiftly turned to 2011, sealed it with a kiss, and retired to bed like the old fogies we are by 12:10.  Zzzzzzzzzzz.  Perfect night. 😉

So, on to the REAL purpose of this post.

One of my strategies this year is to curtail the useless calories in my everyday eating habits in order to make room for some of the indulgences I enjoy.  In a previous life I would allow myself to have it all, but my days of gluttony and over-indulging have come to an end and I am much more prepared mentally to let go of the unnecessary “extras” like…

…cream and sugar in my coffee!

Yes, that’s right, I’m giving cream and sugar the boot!  In fact, I don’t remember when these two ass-enlarging substances re-entered my coffee-drinking routine, but somewhere in the last year they crept in and became, well, somewhat of a must-have in order for me to feel satisfied with the taste of my coffee.   Not worth it.  Not good.  And here’s why…

Coffee on its own without anything added has almost zero calories.  Yay.  Zero calories.  How great is that?! I think a grande americano from Starbucks is 4 calories maximum.  However, when you start to add cream and sugar, the calories add up VERY quickly and very easily.  One tablespoon of cream has approximately 56 calories in it and one tablespoon of sugar, 48 calories.  I usually drink a medium coffee with about 4 tablespoons of cream and 1 to 2 tablespoons of sugar, which means that my daily coffee has about  272 to 320 calories in it!  WOWZA!!  I mean, I’ve thought about this in the past but not in as much detail.  320 calories?  Um, no thanks, girlfriend!

Basically, If I switch from cream to milk (which has about 20 calories per tablespoon) and do away with the sugar altogether, my coffee will be 65 calories.  That’s a 255 calorie reduction!  And considering the fact that coffee/cream/sugar combo has very poor nutritional value anyway, this is a smart place to be cutting calories so I can perhaps add an extra healthy snack into my day when I start feeling hungry.  It’s a good plan, it really is!

I started today with just a bit of milk in my americano and I’m going to stick to it!  I am assuming that just cutting the cream and sugar calories will help me shed 1 to 2 lbs this month alone.  We’ll see when I weigh in at the end of the month.

So, cream and sugar, I bit you adieu!!!




2 thoughts on “cream and sugar get the boot!

  1. Hey baby,

    Yeah, I cut out sugar years ago, but cut out cream in the summer. It’s a great idea to cut out “little” things like that because they sometimes end up creeping up and, like you say, you could end up with 300 calories at the end of it!

    I also cut out the shredded cheese in my eggs in the morning.


  2. This is certainly a great, appealing content that you’ve submitted. I have been previously expending major time lately exploring the negative impacts concerning coffee and in what ways to be able to take pleasure in it. I am hoping to read more of your web blog shortly.

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