a song for current events

This  is a song that means a lot to me right now, in light of my life’s current events.  Just want to share in one of the best ways I know how…music.


another good one :)


Last week I managed to reach all of my goals!  I exercised 4/5 workdays and pushed myself very hard to break through some physical barriers.  I maintained a very healthy daily eating habit and managed to cut out unnecessary calories…and this weekend I didn’t go overboard either…even though I did have the option!!

In my post from a couple of days ago “the gouging your lies out technique and much much more” I talked about being able to do the stuff that equals weight loss even when you are not in a very good headspace and facing emotional obstacles.  Well, the timing couldn’t have been better for me to process that because the last few days I’ve been facing some pretty big emotional obstacles myself!

It seems that my life is undergoing some changes yet again that I wasn’t totally prepared for and it’s been hard to process all of it.  Don’t really want to talk about it yet because I need more time to digest…but probably it will come up in some post eventually.

Anyway.  I was tempted a couple of times to overeat and comfort myself with food this weekend, but I didn’t.  I think this may be one of the first times EVER that I’ve experienced intense emotions and haven’t felt inclined to food-fix them.  It was strange.  I went to the fridge at one point to see if there was something in there I wanted to eat and then suddenly heard a voice in my head say “I’m not hungry and there’s nothing in here that’s going to make me feel better”.  So I closed the fridge.  End of story.

BREAKTHROUGH.  And it came on its own. 🙂  I’m happy that my brain is no longer associating food with coping.  It makes the battle that much easier, and today I feel healthier and more in control of my emotions and my body because I did not harm myself with overeating.

So, I guess I just wanted to encourage anyone out there who is going through some hard stuff to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF by eating healthy, continuing to exercise and focusing on all of the best things in your life.  I’m going to be doing the same thing.

This week the goals are the same — to do my challenging exercise routine 3/5 days at work and my regular exercise routine 1 to 2 days at work in between, as well as packing healthy lunches/snakes everyday and getting all the rest I need!  Keeping it simple for the time being.  That’s how one gets from A to B to….well you know.  🙂




G’Bye Y’all!

So peeps, Amber and I agreed that I would write out a final sayanara post.  Well, here it is.  

To summarize: I liked having a blog with Amber.  It was fun, and then it was work.  And then I stopped losing weight.  And then I gained some weight.   And then after Christmas adding a blog to the mix seemed too much and we agreed that Amber would carry on the family name (5 ft 2).   

For those with more patience:  Amber has been the icing on the cake for me, sometimes she’s taken the cake – a marbled wonder – sometimes she’s the airy delicate mouselline in the middle of the slab, or a surprising tangy, jammy, pouty, sweet-n-tart raspberry swirl.  She gives great advice, sees the practical side of life, but has enough type A to go for the fairy dreams too.  All lovely and wonderful things that make Miss Amber a piquant and delightful person, so I thank her for including me in some of her dreams! 

Yes, I admit things didn’t work out bloggero-e-bloggero.   The weight loss wasn’t happening and most of the nights were long and drawn out, even though I had rationalized I was working through things.  I don’t know what my weight loss plans are now.   Being “me” doesn’t include what I see in someone’s eyes or hear occasionally under someone’s breath.  Fat, huge, freak, morbidly obese, wide load, not good enough.   Let me encourage you, if you are a person who is hiding under what people see, read the book The Elegance of the Hedgehog.  It takes courage, people, to take yourself seriously. 

So, without further adiu, I bid you good day, gentle readers.  May your vim be equaled by the vigor of which you seek; and may neither one of these be found in a drink.