Deb – Cleaning The House Counts As Exercise, Right?

Okay, I’m officially tired.   I cleaned the house  for about 1 hour… sweating in the heat of the day, slaving over the house to get it clean for my friend who is coming tomorrow.  Was it worth it?  YES!  Am I tired?  Yes.  It’s midnight and I should be going to bed, but first a quick post.


Egg casserole – 6 points.

Handful of blueberries – 0 points.


Pasta with sauce 1 cup and 1/2 cup, respectively – 5 points.

Blueberries 1 cup – 1 point.

4 or 5 carrots – 0 points.

Damn … I left coffee to the last again – 2 points.


Posting from home today, so no cross outs! (although secretly bummed).  Kids and I ate tacos, 1 golden kiwi (incredible little suckers!) .

Tacos – 2 hard tacos and 1 soft taco.  The soft tacos were the new “sensible fiesta” ones from Old El Paso.  Very good and less points.. also softer and easier to handle.  6 points.. beans 5 points, cheese 6 points, tomatos 0 points, lettuce 0 points, salsa 0 points for a grand total of 17 points!

I didn’t stop there… I made muffins!  and had one -which is 2 points.  Peach bran muffins… or Branch muffins.  Or Preach muffins.  or Breach muffins.  Anyway, they were incredible!!!   I also made Strawberry Bran muffins… I’m DYING to try one as the weeping strawberry juice had me at hello.  Strawban muffins.  Braberry muffins.   You get the picture.  If you want the recipe, use my Bran Muffin recipe and peel and cut up 3 peaches.  Toss in the recipe and bake.  Or cut up a pint of strawberries.  Mmmmm… 

So, grand totale for today is: 33 points!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you KIDDING ME?!? holy cow I thought I was seriously in trouble I’m so full!  oh WAIT A MINUTE.  It’s all coming back to me…  the sweat of my brow is evaporating, freeing up many enlarged brain cells.   I had a popsicle AND an 80 calorie fudgesickle (how in the heck do you spell that?) today, so add 3 points.  total = 36 points.

Flex points were 26 + 3 activity points = 23 flex points left for the week.

Alright my small fry, time for beddy bye, but first a note from our sponsor:

Dear Self,

I’m amazed how you are doing so well with walking to work and even getting to bed on time this week.  You certainly need it – Good for you!!  As well, I see you’ve been keeping well hydrated today, so another victory for you!  The muffins will be great tomorrow, so don’t think you have to eat them all tonight.   Have some more water.  I’m allowing you to do your crossword puzzle in bed just this once, since you deserve a treat!   Be superkind to yourself and your kids tomorrow morning and I’ll send you some nice warm endorphins when you look at their little round faces and chubby fists bound in sleep.   So, now go to your bed and relax.  I’ve got things under control for you!

With many kind thoughts, your frontal lobe! xoxo


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