Deb – Hungry Hungry Hippos

Alright, really, its a kids game, but that is the way I feel today.  Last night I only had 1 Manwich bun, but man….. that Man was enough!!  Here’s a great tip:  Hollow out the bun for the meat to sit in, and dip the extra Manwich with the bread from the hollow.  You’ll feel like you’re going over points and getting a little sumthin-sumthin extra, the meat won’t fall out, and you’ll be satisfied in no time.  😉

Breakfast –

Egg casserole – 6 points.

Lunch/Snacks –

Peanut butter sandwich – 5 points.

Peach – 1 point.

Peanut butter granola bar (I caved) – 2 points.

Banana – 2 points.

Daim candies – 2 points (3 candies!!).

Coffee – 2 points.  Did you notice how I listed my sweet-sweet last on this list? amazing!!!!!  Next thing you know I’ll have quit and freed up an amazing 2 points.  YIPPIE!

Well, will wonders ever cease… I’m at 20 points.  This must be my natural level.   I wonder if I can take 20 points and rearrange them into a daily menu with nutrient dense but low point foods. 

Okay, supper time will be pasta.  I don’t have anything else in the fridge and I do not feel like cooking.   Besides hippos usually open their mouths and shove it all in and I’d rather get my dinner over and done with and on to something else.  So…

Pasta  2 cups  – 8 points.  Loooove the cross outs.  Made Pillsbury pizza for supper.  I shudder to think of the points, but thank God I ran out of cheese! 😀  Ate 1/6th of the pie, which the crust is 2 points, plus sauce 1 point, plus cheese 2 points, plus pepperoni 4 points = 9 points.  

Sauce 1 cup – 4 points.   For snack when I got home I had salsa and 5 wasa fiber rye crackers, which is 2 points!!

Cheese – 3 points.  I know I ate something else as soon as I got home… oh yes, a slice of light havarti and 2 pieces of parmesano salami.  2 for the cheese and 1 for the salami.  

Daily total is 34 points, which makes total flex points 24, but I walked to work, so I have 26 flex points left.  oh wait… subtract all the “extras” from last night.

Plus 7 points for the bun I never ate.

Minus 2 Wasa crackers with salsa – 2 points.

Egg casserole – 3 points

Chocolate-rainbow cupcakes – 2 points

icing from the jar – gaaaaaaah 2 points.

cucumbers – a lot.  

Total 22 flex points left.   I have no cucumbers left, so will have to come up with a 0 point…. oh yeah…. tomato salad.  I bought cucumbers but never ate them or the tomatoes.

Well, this hungry hippo is signing off knowing that as soon as I get home, I don’t have to open wide to get satisfied!  (Manwich jokes aside) and said hippo went to bed at 10:42, which is now!

Dear Self,

I’m so glad I’m going to bed.  I really need the sleep, although being this tired is worrisome.  I’ll need to cut up some vegetables tomorrow so I’ll have lots of energy later on.  I know I’m working hard, but it will only take 5 minutes to do and then I’ll feel so blessed.  I know I can do it!  PS:  Don’t worry about the house, someday I’ll hire a hunky housekeeper to come and take care of it – and you.  Now have many sweet dreams about that and drink some water before going to bed.

Tootles.   Your thankful and more well-rested and not hungry hippo frontal lobe!


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