Deb – Playing PATTYCAKE with Manwich!

Hey, Everybodeeeeeeee!

Well, last night I made a cake with 2 cake mixes, 1 large can of pumpkin, and 2 servings of egg substitute.  What came out was a chocolate-rainbow marble cake – the pride and joy of my workplace endeavors because I haven’t eaten any of it –  and a lot of little cupcake drops I sent the kids to daycare with.  I ate a little cupcake drop last night, but that was the only baked item that crossed my lips.  I licked my fingers until there was no tomorrow though.. ahh. And ate some mini-chocolate chips… many chocolate chips. 


Breakfast –

Mini-wheats blueberry with milk – 10 points.

Lunch/snacks –

Peanut butter sandwich  with banana  – 6 points

Peach – 1 point

Coffee – 2 points

Cucumber – 0 points

I’m at 19 points right now.  Same as yesterday.  So tired… and we have to go to the library to drop stuff off.  I’m going to hurry out of there and we are going to have a pajama party.  What do people eat at pajama parties except sugar, popcorn, and junk (of which I have none of those).  Supper conundrum.  I still have lots of spaghetti though…. ooh… and Manwich.  We are having Manwich tonight!!! Gosh the points… I’ll have to figure that out. 

So, going home to eat more cucumber slices until the Manwich is ready and going to eat a Manwich bun… 2 points for the bun and 5 points for the meat. 

26 points… and another bun is 33 points with cucumber and maybe a salad I should be okay.  I walked for 1/2 hour, although moderate intensity. 

33 points for today.

32.5 flex points

minus the chocolate chips and bowl licks… 8 points

add 2 points for exercise  = 26 flex points remaining.  oooh… I may have some spaghetti and add 6 points for today.  Um… that was before I figured out I had to subtract the points from yesterday’s indiscretions.  I’ll figure something out… salad in a bag!!  ooh… tomato salad!

Take care now, I’m going home to REAL man(wich) now!!


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