Deb – Full Frontal (Lobe) Love

Nothing fancy:


2 cups Special K cereal with 1/4 cup dates, some coconut, and almonds with 1 cup milk –  10 points


Banana 2 points,

2 ciabatta buns 4 points,

celery 0 points,

peach 1 point.

Coffee – 2 points. 

19 points so far and planned for dinner so far… the pasta I have sitting in the fridge. But, unfortunately, I’m still hungry right now.  Hmmm… well, I did walk to work this morning.  Pizza it is!!!!!! 😀  (crossed out after I got home)

weight  263

Dear Self,

You know I want to take good care of you, but sometimes my job is very hard .  I know you are a little stressed out, but you need to sleep.  Not lower-case “need to sleep” either.  Like NEEEEEEEEEEEEED to sleep.   You can do it.  Just take a nap when you get home and you’ll be as right as rain.  I promise to send you lots of warm, comfy, drowsy dreams where you don’t have to be in charge of anything. 
Love and Kisses,  your frontal lobe.

Okay, so I’m home now.  I inhaled 

2 cups of pasta (8 points!!!) with

1 cup of sauce (4 points) and

shredded tex-mex cheese (4 points). 

I’m at 35 points now.  My daily points allotment is 30 and I did 2.5 exercise points.   I should stop eating, but I’m not going to.  I’ll wash the car and avoid temptation when the kids come home to eat their spaghetti by eating 1-1/2 cups of blueberries.  I’m also going to be keeping track of my flex points for this week.

Today 36 points.

Flex points – 32.5 remaining.

 After I wash my car I’m going to bake the cupcakes and have a nap.  Honestly, I can’t wait!


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