Amber — mini yoga “get back on the horse” challenge

Hey there.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I started slacking a bit with yoga last week and missed most of my classes.  Because Yoga does so much for me emotionally and physically I need to make it a priority, not to mention that I’m paying hard earned money for my membership and ought to use it!  I’ve been on a bit of an emotional/hormonal roller coaster which has tampered with my motivation, and I know the best way to “get back on the horse” is set goals and take them day by day.

That being said, my goal for this week, before I head off to Winfield to visit my pops, is to attend 4 hot yoga classes.  I’ve decided to try the early morning (7:45-8:45) classes instead of the late night classes, as I find the late night classes get me home too late (around 11 pm) and then I have trouble falling asleep because I am on such a high.   I figure if I do my yoga class in the morning, all the yummy energy and endorphines will carry me through the day and come bedtime, I’ll be ready to drift off into peaceful slumber.

I have scheduled in my planner four classes:

Monday — 6:30-7:30 Yhot (before work at Dental Office at 8:00 am) — DONE!

Tuesday — 7:45-8:45 Yhot — DONE!

Wednesday — 7:45-8:45 Yhot — didn’t go to this class cuase my vacation was cancelled and I decided to Thursday class instead

Thursday — 7:00-9:45 YIN — DONE (SO AMAZING!!).

Saturday — 5:30-6:30 yHot — DONE

At the end of the week I’ll update my progress.  Hopefully I’ll have shed the extra 4 lb I’ve gained in the last couple of weeks, and most importantly, feel better.





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