Amber — The aliens have returned me!

Wow.  It’s been awhile.  Like the longest stretch of time so far that I haven’t faithfully posted on this blog!  I miss you, blog and blog readers!

Here’s the thing…I was abducted by aliens, taken on an indescribable adventure through the outer reaches of the universe, and they just returned me to my home planet a few hours ago!  I swear to you!

Or maybe I’ve just been too distracted by all the new things in my life to sit down and update…

I’ll let you decide.  😉

I have some good news and some bad news.  First bit of good news.  Two weeks ago I reached my end of summer goal of 165 lb!!! Seriously.  I did.  I haven’t been in the 160s since I was 19 years old! An AMAZING feeling.  But here’s the bad news…I gained 4 lbs back.  Yep…back at 169.  Some of it is pre-menstrual water weight and some of it is I-pigged-out-on-food-last-week weight.  I also failed to attend quite a few of my yoga classes last week, like I should have.  So.  There you have it. I did and undid it and I will do it again!

I’m determined to be under 160 by September 16!
So the new things in my life…

I just moved into my own apartment with SAWB.  Love it.

I have a new and wonderful man in my life.  Love him.

I started a new job working from home.  Mixed feelings.

I started riding my bike everywhere again.  LOOOOVVVEEEE IIIITTTT.

One thing for sure, romance is distracting.  Exciting, exhilerating, but yeah…distracting.  I spoke to the distracting man in question about the fact I have a health and weight loss blog, and he was like “Really?  I never see you writing”.  I blushed sheepishly cause God knows I haven’t been writing or updating at all since the romance started and now I know who to blame! Cupid!!!  Stupid Cupid!

All things said and done.  I am definitely in a new phase.  I am smaller than I’ve been for years.  My lifescape has changed tremendously. There is desire and dreaming back in my life.

But…quite a lot to adjust to.

I will be back for another update again soon.  I am hoping to be in the 150s by mid-September when I jet off to Europe.

Thanks for your patience and support and love, friends.




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