Amber — checking in *shudder*

Oh moving week.  Why did you have to correspond with violent PMS week?  Le sigh.  There are three things I know for certain right now:

1.  I am retaining water.

2.  I haven’t been to yoga for over a week and my body is angry about that.

3.  I need a pedicure.

I am very happy and proud of myself about one thing in particular — I have my bike and I’ve been riding it everywhere!  No more bus passes for this city chick.  To bike or to walk?  That is the question!

I’m pretty sure I’m back at 178 ish.  Haven’t weighed myself because I’m in the midst of my “monthly” and the results are always inaccurate.   The Vancouver Folk Festival is next weekend, and I’ll be there as a volunteer.  My goal is to be down to 170 by then!  One week of yoga daily and riding my bike to and fro and watching what I eat.  I’ll update with my progress around that time.

Having moved into my own place, I now have this sense of “home” that I think will really help me get even more focused and plugged into weight loss.  My roommate, known on this blog as SAWB, is a very motivational and supportive person in that regard, as she herself has recently gotten healthy and managed to lose 30 lb in just a few months.  Yes.  Yes.  She is the envy of the weight loss town!  As for me.  I have sort of…plateaued, and I know the only way to get out of a plateau is to work extra hard and do something new.  So that’s the plan.

I made a veggie curry last night at 1 am for lunches over the next couple of days.  Yay me!




2 thoughts on “Amber — checking in *shudder*

  1. Just wanted to let you know that you inspire me – not just in your hard work and weight loss, but in your willingness to be honest and open and vulnerable. You rock chica 🙂 You rock so very much.

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