Deb – I’m Alive. :D

Good Friends,

How I have missed you!  And I’ve given you ample opportunity to miss me too! 😀   My 20 year high school reunion was great!  I lost 6 pounds while I was away.  I keep mentioning it because 4 of those pounds missed me too and came back to stay.  See?!  I KNEW everyone loved my ass! 

This week’s lesson is how to not gain weight while making 30 pounds of potato salad, 20 pounds of brown sugar baked beans, and 150 cookies that are partially iced:

Do Not lick your fingers.

Weight Loss Agenda:

I’ve been getting emails from PeerTrainer… a fairly interesting weight loss site who emails you several times a day updating you on their diet drivel.  Its been hard to keep up with reading the emails, but the info is quite a good reminder of what I’m putting in my mouth and why.   One interesting concept was “if you are about to quit, you are probably on the brink of a breakthrough” to which I laughed and thought to myself… well, 120 mini chocolate chips can’t be wrong! hahaha..

Aside from the temptations that litter my kitchen, there are new food rules afoot in my house thanks to PeerTrainer.   Reason:  PT told me it is impossible to change everything all at once.  Good point PeerTrainer!  (and only half in jest)  So, their suggestion is that I start one new change every 2 weeks (or every week) and essentially change what I buy, eat, including the frequency, or completely deleting foods from my diet.   For instance, this week I decided that Nutella is a treat.   Not a right.  Not a healthy delight.  Not a nutty substitute for my nobby nemesis peanut butter.  It is a TREAT.  Therefore, I have decided to buy a SMALL jar  every 2 months.  Told the kids, removed the impaled toys from my face, and went on with life.  A healthier person.  

Another turning point, friends!  My first food rule – I have weaned myself off granola bars.  In a weak moment, I looked at the overflowing bin this morning (knowing that I would be paying for my lunch otherwise) and I felt twinge of smug hungriness as I turned up my nose and exited the kitchen.  Dear compatriots, I do not eat granola bars.  It is a rule.

So, many good things to post about.  One confession.  I’m a single mom.  Whenever I daydream about the “skinny me” its always me having tons of energy being a single mom and being able to get it all done AND have enough energy for a round of tennis after the day is done.  Well,  in one of PeerTrainer’s articles about self-sabatoge, I realized I really really hate this particular image of “skinny me” – yet its always the one I think about when it comes to succeeding.  No WONDER I haven’t really done anything rockumentary.    I don’t want to be single mom with enough energy to scale tall buildings in a single bound and scour the earth endlessly for lost socks villians to fight.  My dream isn’t even to be married (been there, done that).. but to get and be skinnier with someone I love… swoon baby swoon.   So, Ms. Self Sabotage…. consider yourself hitched to the dreamiest Mr. Sensitive Sexy Personal Trainer and lettuce  watch the pounds drop off. 

Ending the post, I’m hanging in there.  Making some really good food choices and having fun.  This weekend my son WON!!! a tennis racket, so now we all have rackets and we practiced soft lobs in the back yard tonight.   Eventually, we will progress to learning overhand serves at the school yard as well.  I know there’s a tennis court around here somewhere too.  Bikes are sidelined for the moment – my free bike has turned into a camel-toe moment.  I need a shorter bike.  If anyone knows of a bike that would fit  (yep, you guessed it) a 5 foot 2 person, I’m in the market!!   Hybrid, slightly prissy, basket in the front.  🙂



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