Great Article

How Can I Stop My Weight Loss Self-Sabotage?.

Was supposed to post this week… got sidetracked by child bending car key, subsequent taxi and bus fares, lots of walking (:D), pliers, lots of praying,  bent key working, but not finding spare key and hardware stores do not have key type for my make of car, only dealership, finding dealership, praying for non-exhorbitant cost of new key.    Fun times… walking is good.  

Even though posting has gone by the wayside, following the food plan has been good! I finally lost some weight, fit into some pants 1 size down, and thinking of taking some of my pants to the consignment store.  While in Calgary I went to the thrift store (oh so cheap I am) and bought a very snazzy top for $14.99 (brand new).  It is teal, has silver and teal sparkles on it, and doesn’t fit.  It is my goal to fit into it by Christmas 2010.  Its one of those semi-tight “you can see my abs” tops.  My upper tummy is definitely one of the most “sensitive” areas I have about my body.  I used to have flat abs.  I used to have a slight 6 pack, even at size 12.  I’d like that back please.  

Sequin top

In other news, I got a bike from God this week.  Soon to be on track with more exercise.  Lost 6 pounds on vacation.  Yay!

My Bike

Eating okay.  Details are lost to followup this week due to key agenda.  One fabulous outcome:  After eating not much of anything during vacation week I came back to my cupboard packed with 100 calorie snacks and Chewy granola bars and thought “YUK”.  I haven’t eaten a granola bar since.  Maybe this is my week of freedom! 😀  The amount of “packaged” food really turned my stomach and last night night at 1:50 a.m. I was cutting up celery and cucumber for the week… not willing to succumb to “the man”.  

What I have to rally the troops is  “Keep It Up”.   Though the battle is all up hill, rejoice that there isn’t room to fall down on the job.   Though you are being pushed and pulled through many trials, be thankful you can fit through the holes… getting stuck is not an option.    If you find yourself frustrated by other people’s requests or your own expectations, bulldoze a new trail that works for you… this is your journey, not a PC namby-pamby lets make it work for everyone daycare philosophy.    If you find it hard to believe in yourself, believe anyway.   Heck, if you don’t have kids, someone has to listen to you…. it might as well be you.   If everyone is pushing you down, give em the finger… and then get back up and show em who’s boss.  The words ” I don’t care what you think, I’m going to do it” should be your best friend.  Why?  Because you are going to do it …whether it takes 2 months or 2 years… if you don’t give up on the plan, you’ll get there!!  I’m not letting you get away with “well, maybe”.  You are not allowed to give up.  PERIOD.  Do it until it’s done.


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