Happy Birthday to you!  A sweet sixteen of great magnitude!! 😀  I’ve officially known you for 4.25 years and 2 hours and a few seconds!  And I gots to tell you, everything that comes out of your mouth still makes me laugh (and cry)!! 😀  You are an absolute joy to be around and I loves ya babe! 

Still more good things about you besides snail mail:

Hot poetry

Cool Jazz Flute

Busy hands

Laid back ‘Tude

Big ol Plans

5ft 2 and Shrinking!

 Rising Love Meter

Falling Risks

Oh, I also ran into your boyfriend and he wanted me to give you this note!  

And then he said something about stuffing all the candles into your cake at one time, but I didn’t really understand that part.  Maybe it was code for something.   

So, there it is… good old

  ooh thanks!

Hope you had a lovely lovely birthday my sweetness! I know I’m not the silver-tongued say-the-right-thing kind of person, but I hope you can see how much you mean to me and how important you are in this crazy old world.   We are lucky to have you.  To be around you.  To listen to you.  To help you through your trials as you help us.   Kiddo- you’re a keeper!  


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