Deb – Various Confessions and Some Good News! Doncha just love Good News?!?

Dear Friends, Kind Acquaintenances, Strangers at Large (heh heh) I mean oops!,  As most of you know, I am chronologically challenged.  By that I mean I’m always ready for Daylight Savings Time!    Is this about to change?  Stay tuned….. tick tock.

are so beautiful tooo meeeeeeeeeeee.  Oh Joe Cocker, you are the man.  Yes, indeedy.  I can only hope that by the end of that song you were in the throes of ecstasy and agony, and dragging me down with it (although you are kind-of repulsive in real life).  Oh, but darling Coffee… you know I love you with all my heart!! I’m not saying your sprinkles don’t thrill me, but with Joe, it was magic every time.        

Look waaaaaaaay up.


 Its the Friendly Giant (hill, that is).  If you click on the picture and open it up you can see 2 cars, the one closest to the top is about 3/4 up the hill.

I watched this show when I was little, but honestly I had no patience for the the Friendly Giant.  I loved the song, the waaaay up, the castle inside, but then when he started talking I lost interest.  Have you ever noticed he talks so slow it seems that molasses taffy pulled across the world for 900 years would win a race of finishing a sentence?  Even at such a tender age, I never had any patience.  

Hill Street Blues

Well, there isn’t anything blue about this, unless you are looking at my oxygen starved lungs wheezing in and out… haha.  Really, I’m just kidding.  The hill isn’t a huge pain, despite its appearance.  And because of my ginormous salsa leg muscles, like Martha Stewart,  I do what I please, and I do it with ease.  😉   
Just for your enjoyment…. one of my absolute favorite house styles… a barn home. This is just up the street from where my car is parked (in FREE parking)!   It’s one of my architectural fantasies to have one half of of the barn home timber framed with a gorgeous loft upstairs and a beautiful view from the second level into the kitchen/living room.  Not quite unlike this one…amazing eh?
  This is the design of my new earrings.  I saw them and went YEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!  To help me celebrate my determination to continue on.  Although my goals were somewhat loftier than the real ones achieved so far… it is my own doing and my choice to continue to stick with the plan… until eventuality becomes reality.  Lovely me.
I have to say this has been a challenging week.  A CHALLENGING WEEK!!! Did I mention the 4 hours in Emergency for a child whose body was suddenly riddled with an unexplained sudden and SCARY allergic reaction and the resultant BUCKLE FRACTURE RIGHT TOE diagnosis?  Or how I accidently ripped the skin off the hangnail area of 2 of my fingers on the same hand just days apart?  The many homemade pizzas?  The rosacea that broke out because I spent 2 hours driving in the sun and 2 hours playing in the sun?  The continual gaslight craziness of a person riddled with narcissistic rage?  The new boss?  The car seat insanity?  The time off work for a mediation session that was pure farce?  Oh evil one, you tempt me with crazy things each and every May, but I forgive you.  I have been tested and come through the fire as pure gold with the reality of it all hidden in the depths of the sea – thank God.
and now sweet treat friends, We
      after all, life IS for the Living!

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