Deb – Happy Mother’s Day!

I think Mother’s Day is one of the two holidays that affects EVERYONE in the whole entire world! (yes, the other being Father’s Day)  Not all cultures celebrate it, but we all have a mother and a father – absolutely no exceptions!  So, if this is your 1st or your 31st Momma’s Day, congratulations on your success at procreating!!  Really, I have no other qualifiers if you’ve been a good mom or not, but for the benefit of everyone  – I’m sure you’ve done a great job!! It’s probably just momma guilt standing in the way of claiming that beautiful glory.  Perfection can never be attained, but if we accept our responsibility to the best of our ability we can sleep at night. 

Check out some stats about me as written per child.  Lovely, wonderful things!!!  Especially my weight and height!! 😀

Some other perks of the day:

They were amazing too!!   Here is a homemade pizza “recipe”,  later covered in yummy pepperoni!

A final baked pic didn’t make the cut – we were too hungry!  Hope your day was happy!


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