Amber — I’m still alive!!!

Okay, so I know I haven’t posted for like…ever.  I’ve honestly been super duper ooper busy and tired and not in the mood to write….which is kind of disconcerting, considering writing is pretty much the biggest part of my creative life.  I dunno.  Might just be spring fever.

But here are some updates on moi to keep you coming back for more:

1.  I have been doing hot yoga and LOVING it.

2.  I am 179.5 lb. YEP.  I’m not kidding. I’m  OUT of the 180s for good and ever so close to my birthday goal of 175!!!  YESSSSS!!  *high fives self*

3.  I am feeling physically very strong and healthy.

4.  I have been emotionally a bit…friable.  More on that later…or maybe not.

5.  I just got a BRIGHT pink pedicure, which makes my existence that much more meaningful and the emotional friability a fading concern.  Seriously.

6.  There was a school of over 150 dolphins spotted in Lion’s Bay near my city last week, which has never happened before.  How cool is that!??

Okay…so there’s my update.  Short and sweet.  More to come when the madness of my work/life schedule has subsided.




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