Deb – My Boy Lollipop!

Thought you’d like a little mid-week candy pickup!  I know… weight loss blog.  Y’all don’t send send me hate mail over this.  I just liked the colors and the swirl.  Today is a celebration of “nature’s candy” (a phrase I looooove since my mother was the original granola cruncher and I am not). 


  • Cream of wheat with rhubarb-strawberry applesauce.  Note to self – it tasted AWFUL! I love the taste of COW, but COW reminds me of a “sensitive”child who cries because they can feel the soap flakes in the fabric of the newly laundered t-shirt and'”it’s ITCHING me!!”.   In both situations, handle with care – you never know what’s going to set them off – 5 points

Day was interrupted so,


  • 2 Smart Ones breakfast quesadillas – 8 points.  I love these things… turkey sausage, fake eggs, interesting “vegetables”and the chemical list goes on and on!! 
  • Carrots 0 points
  • 1/2 ciabatta bun – 1 point – from Superstore.  My sister got the stats and they are wonderful!!
  • Coffee 1 point.  I had to leave work, so I left one big coffee on my desk = a WASTE! SACRE BLEU! Also this finding homemade creamer thing is going to take some research.  I’m thinking choco raspberry.
  • Cranberries and almonds… although child ate most of them.  Hmmm… 1.5 points


  • 1 slice of pizza – was supposed to be 1/6th of pizza, but I ate 1/8th.  Was “new” Delissio pepperoni.  It tasted the same, but less cornmeal crap on the crust.  I’m saying –  6 points.
  • Large whole wheat hamburger bun with 2 slices of Kraft fat-free singles… jury is still out on those chemical-laden monstrosities.  What was I thinking?! – 3 points

That’s it!! Unless I ate something and I’m blanking out about it =  25 points!! Yippie!!  Oh, and I’m having a popsicle right now.  Add 1 point = 26 points!

Emotional mood:

Feeling a little empty or numb due to extenuating circumstances today.  This morning I thought to myself… I could easily go into a binge, but what if I didn’t?  And what if I kept control of my emotions?  Well, I did both and I didn’t really feel like eating.  This should FINALLY make up for the last 2 weeks.. haha. 

Water Count:

I can’t even remember drinking one cup, so I’ll chug some before I hit the hay.

 And now dear ones, you make my heart go giddy-up,  you are as sweet-ass-candy sweet-as-candy, you’re my sugar dandy, Oh oh my lollipop! POP!


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