Amber — jeans tell all!

Oh, today. You have been so good to me…minus the crazy headache I have right now.

This morning i was up at the crack of dawn for a jog with SAWB. I managed to jog about 4 km non-stop and partially up hill. I have to say — that feels good, y’all!!! Every time I jog I get such a sense of freedom and elation…the whole “lightness of being” thing.

After arriving home, putting on my laundry and having a nice long hot shower, the thought came to me that it might be time to give my goal jeans (ones I bought over a month ago in size 11) a try — cause it’s possible I might actually fit them! Being the skeptic I am, I begrudgingly took them out of the drawer to squeeeeze them on, but quickly realized as I pulled them over my hips, that they were a perfect fit! Like perfectly perfect, comfy fit! SIZE. 11. JEANS.

OMG. Oh. My. Gaaawwwwd!!!!!!

I’m still a little bit in shock. I mean these pantaloons did not fit me four weeks ago. They were incredibly tight and hard to shimmy into, and now…

Now I need a new *smaller* pair of goal jeans. Size 9, August 2010, I will fit into you!!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Amber — jeans tell all!

  1. Way to go SKINNY PANTS!! đŸ˜€ I love the jeans goal – it’s kind of a non-scale victory AND a scale victory!! I’m so proud of you! YOU ROCK THE CASBAH!! and Almost Happy Birthday To YOU!!!

  2. MM mmm mmm! Bootay. I haven’t actual seen you in your new jeans yet but I can imagine.

    *Please wear them to aquafit tomorrow night so that I can have the pure pleasure of checking out your fine ass size 11 jeans. WOOP!!

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