Deb – Peace Like A River

I had a big huge ah-ha moment this weekend.  Nothing to do with weight loss (cause in case you didn’t notice, I gained).  I had an off-chance conversation with my sister who said a turn of phrase that, with a little research, explains the last 12 years and definitely this past week.   Axis 1 diagnosis =  x.  “Gaslighting”.  Look it up.  It’s worth your while.  The Gaslight Effect Google Books 

Though I am up re: weight I’m not giving up.   And no people pleasing here… I’ll continue to plod along like Forrest Gump until  I break free of my braces that support me and from the fences that lock me in, and run free… as free as the wind.    

Here are some pics I took this weekend , from trolling the “food is my witness” aisles to a glorious walk and frisbee day.  The pain of never being good enough was quieted this day. It was never about me.

Caramel Rage

12 years; 9 together, 5 bad, 3 unimaginable, 1 grieving, 1 of learning, 1 of trusting, 1 of blessing,  I understand now how it happened. 

I needed

Petals of Strength

so I could

Hold My Head High

 and *snicker snicker*

Branch Out

from my

Pigeon Hole

 to a

Day for Glory

and from inside, give myself

Windows of Hope

to break the chains of insecurity

Holding On

 I see you.

I Know the Trap


The Lines You Fed Me


I'm Not Here Anymore


Walking Down

Streets Paved With Gold


4 thoughts on “Deb – Peace Like A River

  1. Thanks!
    I was thinking of just putting in the pics and letting them speak for themselves, but as the weekend was extremely fraught with angst re: X I thought it was a better way to express how gaslighting affects the vibe rather than the substance of reality.

  2. Wow, Freedom is beautiful. Your photo poem is inspiring and speaks truth. When you know the truth it will make you free. I pray that you continue to blossom and inspire others.

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