Amber — Rest, Rain and Regrouping


For the past few days I’ve been resting.  Just taking ‘er easy.  Reading books.  Going for leisurely strolls.  Sleeping for longer hours than usual.  I’ve been feeling unwell and out of sorts, and decided rest was probably going to be the best medicine — true and healthy rest that includes eating properly, getting some fresh air, and letting go of stress.   Yesterday I got my hair cut, then went to a cafe to read and write for a few hours.  Afterwards, I headed to English Bay to watch the sunset (or at least part of it) by myself.  I have to say that is one new part of my life I am truly enjoying — spending time with JUST me.  I actually enjoy my own company.  I don’t feel the need to fill every moment with “someone”.  A lot of the time now, being alone is so fulfilling and relaxing.  Yesterday was one of those times…I sat in the sand, leaned against a sea-battered log, and spent time alone with the windy ocean.  So refreshing.


It’s raining today and that means I am a happy woman!    I’m not exactly sure why, but rainy days seem to revive and inspire me most of the time, which is quite the opposite of many people.  Maybe I like the sense of clean and calm, the chance to get cozy, contemplative, creative.  I dunno.  But it’s raining today, I feel quite contented, and I’m looking forward to another healthy week!


So.  I’m not sure if you’ve checked, but I updated Amber’s Progress Page.  I am down to 182 lb!  Yes ma’am!!!  I lost 5.2 lb in April, and that is something I am very proud of!  You see, exercising and eating healthy really does work!  There’s no magic formula or secret gimmick — just exercise regularly, just eat healthy, and you WILL lose wieght.  I am now a believer!  😉

Having said all that, I have done some regrouping as I need to incorporate some more exercise into my routine in order to stay challenged.  I have a goal of losing seven more pounds by my birthday on May 19 (which is just a couple weeks away!), so I know that it is going to be crucial that I up the exercise ante for the days and weeks leading up to my goal date.  I’ve decided to try the $30 two week unlimited trial pass at YYoga.   The YHot classes are a lot like Bikram’s Yoga (which I tried before a couple of times with my Big Sister and LOOOVVEEDD), and I think they will help me burn baby burn!

I have to admit that going to yoga studios intimidates me.  I’m not sure exactly why.  I’ve been trying to pinpoint the insecurity…I guess I have this sense that because I’m overweight, I don’t belong there with all the svelt, healthy, yogalicious people.  But, then again, they all had to start somewhere too, right?  RIGHT!  So I am going to push past the insecurity and do it anyway.  Amber’s solution to every problem…but seriously, it usually works.

Once again, all of your encouragements help.  I am incredibly determined to reach this goal because I want to be 26 years old and lighter than I was at 21!  175 here I come!

That’s all for today.  I’ll be keeping up with my daily posts this week, so you can count on that.

Thanks for reading.




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