Deb – It’s a GOOD Day!

This was yesterday!!


  • Pear  1 point.
  • Asparagus/mushroom/swiss cheese quiche casserole 5 points.
  • Coffeealottayumminess 2 points.


  • Strawberries  0 points!
  • Cranberry and almond mix 3 points.
  • Proud Mary recipe – 7 points. (see recipe below)


2 diet bread and Nutella sandwiches – a decadent 9 points!


  • BBQ chicken 5 points.
  • Salad 1 point.
  • Dr. Preggers broccoli patty 1 point. (one day I’ll take a picture of the box)

Totalllers:  34 points!!  I DID IT!!! 🙂  YIPPIE FOR ME!!



  • 1/2 pear – hey, it was delicious and everybody wanted some!! 0 points.
  • Egg quiche casserole – 5 points.
  • Coffeeediorama with a little macrame on the side 2 points.


  • Cranberry and Almond mix 3 points.  Did I ever mention I’m a creature of habit?  I look at Ambo’s posts and I’m amazed at how much food she has in her house.  WOW!
  • 2 WW chicken quesadillas 8 points.
  • Strawberries 0 points.


  • About 6 chinese ‘onion rings’.  1 point.
  • About 5 slices of rye bread – I know.. but I was starrrrving!  4.5 points.


  • Cookie DOH! 3 points.
  • Pizza 5 points – but it was DIET pizza!
  • Low fat mozza cheese 4 points.

 36 points total!  Not a terrible accomplishment, in fact it’s pretty good!


Feel a little down.  Not diet down.  Not I feel like giving up down, since I’ve just seriously started.  Just feel down whenever I’m faced with actual “need to move my buttage” and of course TOM.  Damn TOM.   Anyway, I’m really looking at what I need to accomplish and how I’m going to do it.  As well, I’m taking a financial course right now and wow… let’s just say life is full of decisions I never knew I was making.  So today, instead of buying a plastic big gulp sized cup of pretzel balls rolled in cheese, which probably cost 50 cents to make and retails for $6.50, I bought 2 bags of 66 cent chinese ‘onion rings’ at Superstore for the kiddies.  Good choices.  Okay, you may ask why are you rambling?  Well, all this compromise and ingenuity leads me to this.  For a month, I’ve had an idea to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.  Believe me, gentle readers, you are so going to be pushing me to GO FOR IT on this one!!  I want to stop paying for parking (fulfilling financial goals!! :D) and start walking a 15-20 minute walk to work – down a GIANT hill, which in reverse is a GIANT UP-hill.  All I have to do is get up and out a full 1/2 hour earlier than my usual slap and dash.   I need to do this for myself, I really do.   I am going to do it and I don’t want to fall into my usual procrastination trap.  So, I’m just going to keep mentioning it until I get tired of being a person who NEVER DOES ANYTHING BUT KEEPS WHINING one day surprises everyone by getting off her buttinski and just DOES IT!   YAY ME!!!

Water Count:  I drank water, it helped me live today.  What more do you want from me? What?  Drink more water?  Well, I am kinda thirsty right now… okay, I guess one more glass won’t hurt.   ahhhh, delicious!  

Exercise:  Well, I yelled a lot (child with weather (!!) project due 2 days ago, letter in planner, need to make weather instrument and fill out a chart of weather conditions, etc.).  Yes, I had a good vocal workout today.  And I cleaned my laminate floors!!  That is seriously hard work.  Laminate may look pretty and easier than banging around a vacuum, but it’s a task master.    I did sweat while scrubbing that floor – and it looks perfect! 

Okay, so now it’s time for bed, at least now that the silver is polished! 😉  Enjoy the view my dears! 



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