Amber — losing!

I went to Curves and did my weigh and measure today!  Good news, my friends.  GOOD. NEWS.

I’m not going to post the number yet, but will wait patiently and diligently for May 1, when I will post my monthly weigh-in and progress photos on Amber’s Progress Page!  Three more days…I wonder how much more I can achieve!

This morning I met SAWB for a beautiful spring sunrise jog.  Well, actually, we very cutely spent the first 15 minutes jogging around in search of each other as we were  a tad confused about the meeting place.  But, c’est la vie, we burned some extra calories being lost!  Hee hee.

On my way home I stealthily plucked a bushel of lilacs from a neighborhood tree — they are my favorite flower and really make spring spring for me.  After I departed from SAWB, it started to rain torrentially!  I relished the sensation of big fat wet rain on my face falling from the pregnant West Coast sky and the  fragrance of the lilacs in my hands, all before 7:00 am!  What a grand and glorious life!  🙂

Oh, and here is a cute hairstyle I tried out today!  Didn’t leave the house with it because the headband is My Roommates and I’m too scared of losing it…but I will buy my own headbands and make it happen!

pretty headband




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