Amber — today was a day

Today was a day.  The earth rotated on its axis.  I worked two jobs (12.5 hrs).  I ate healthfully and consciously.  I soon plan on going to sleep and ticking it off.  Nothing much of interest to report, really.  Nope…today was just a day.

MOOD:  Contemplative, puckish, restless, hopeful, ambivalent, worn.


Breakfast:  (No greens, boo, ran out of juice).  One piece of whole wheat toast with organic peanut butter and organic berry jam, two glasses of water, and one small coffee with milk.

Snack/Lunch:  One hardboiled egg, half a bag of chopped up veggies, a slice of whole grain organic branana bread.

Snack:  One small organic apple and the other half of the chopped up veggies and a decaf americano.

Dinner:  Sushi (spicy combo).  Yes, high in calories, I know, but I definitely needed the protein/iron so decided to opt out of my homemade thai veggie stir fry and have sushi tonight instead.  I have made a mental note that this is the ONLY TIME I am going to eat out for dinner this week.  😉

EMBELLISHMENTS:  I made over 60 phone calls today to remind people to book their cleanings and checkups at the dental office where I work.  60 phone calls!  That’s a lot, right?  At the end of the day I received a call from a patient and answered “Hello, this is Amber calling the dentist”.  The patient laughed at me and was really good about it.  I felt like a numskull.


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