Dearest Deb,

It’s your birthday today.  I hope you are celebrating and enjoying that delicious cake that you slaved over.  So glad that you made yourself a lil’ sumthin sumthin!  You DESERVE IT!

To me you are a pillar of strength, always offering your support and encouragement.  You are brave because you challenge yourself to do what scares you and what thrills you no matter what.  You are womanly and beautiful because you take care of yourself, get your hair cut regularly, put sparkly nail polish on your nails, put on that amazing red lipstick, and GIRL I’ve seen you burnin up the dance floor with you salsa moves — you gots it going ON!  You are witty and hilarious, generous of spirit, and more times than I can count you have completely brightened my day with jokes or funny comments,  hours of writing ridiculous poems back and forth (whilst at our respective places of work)  just for fun, cards you SNAIL MAIL ME (oh what a tha-rill, what a tha-rill!) with stickers decorating the envelopes, and lets not forget the beautiful and delicious baked goods you have gifted to me time and again.  *Sigh*.  You are so great.

And, Deb, you are resilient, an overcomer, as I see you persist in the weight loss journey.  I KNOW YOU WILL GET THERE THIS TIME.  WE ALL BELIEVE IN YOU.

To sum this whooole thing up — you are an amazing woman “whose price is far above rubies”.  May your cup be full this year!  May you pants size shrink this year!


Love you.



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