Amber — tired, but sticking to the plan!

gross slug found on hiking trail

Today the intensity of my week has finally caught up with me and I am just very very tired.  It’s a good tired, one that follows a long string of positive and healthy actions in the continuing saga of  “living well”…at least that is what I am trying to remind myself of.  To be perfectly honest, though, I feel too exhausted to be inspired by that, at the moment.  And with the tiredness there is a thread of melancholy weaved in that I can’t quite put my finger on — a combination of change on the horizon, my grandma recovering from major surgery in the hospital, a bit of loneliness perched on my shoulder.  It is what it is, and I’ll probably be set to rights after a good night’s sleep.  Oh, and I think a hug would also be nice!  I have to say, as a respectable single girl, hugs are hard to come by sometimes…and I mean the good, solid, warm, envelop-you hugs, not the lame “let’s be polite now” hugs!  I know, I know — I ask for too much from the world!  😉



Despite being super tired today, I managed to get up at 5:45 a.m. full of chutzpah, take my greens powder, chug a couple glasses of water, finish up some administrative tasks, eat a healthy breakfast, finish my laundry, dress myself, fill up my water bottle, pack up my backpack and head out the door to meet SAWB for a hike in Deep Cove.   Yes. A hike.  In Deep Cove. On a tired day like today!  It was beautiful.  It was worth getting exhausted over.  And, I had further opportunity to break in my new running shoes — Exhibit A:

new running shoes

The hike is relatively short, 5 km there and back, I believe.  There are many intervals of up and down going both directions, so the workout is very well rounded and perfectly intense!  You should have seen us go!  The Chubby Girls That Could!  ♫ Sistaahhs are doing it fo thamseelllves♫. We passed some groups of people this time round and gloated mentally.  What?!  You would too!

One of the best parts of the hike was breathing the springtime forest into my lungs.  The smell right now is amazingly…green.

After the hike, SAWB and I purchased sandwiches at Honey’s and went down to the beach to munch, relax, and enjoy the view — Exhibit B, Vegetarian Sandwich:

On the bustrip home, going in and out of consciousness, I started dreaming about a luxurious soak in the bathtub which would (in my perfect dream world) be followed by a cat nap (with Bunji, the resident house cat, literally beside my head!) before heading back out for my afternoon/evening shift.  What a wonderful thought.  I can almost smell the lavender bath essence just thinking about it….

But no!  I. Did. Not. Do. That!  I’m sure many of you (and when I say many, I mean the five of you who regularly follow this blog…and my mom) would ask, “Amber, why did you not have a luxurious, one-hour soak in the clawfoot soaker tub with lavender bath essence to soothe your weary muscles followed by a nap to replenish your hard-working goddess’s body and soul?”.  Aha!  I will tell you, plain and simply…

That. Was. Not. The. Plan. For. Today!  Oh, no, no, no!  The PLAN was to purchase groceries and do this week’s food prep!  Oh, yes, yes yes!  And by golly, that’s what I did, if my name isn’t AWESOME of the FamilyAWESOMEST!  I bought groceries, cooked up a storm, and packaged up lunches and snacks for the entire week (seriously, Monday-Sunday, it’s alll DONE)!!

And theeeennn, yes, I had a shower, because “EWWW” if I didn’t after all the schvitzing I’ve done today!!!

Sticking to the plan is very important to me as I have an extremely busy schedule that requires important prep times, especially when I am wanting to up the health ante!  I need to stay organized.  I need to have healthy food options with me daily.  I need to Stick. To. The. Plan.

I’m glad I did.  I feel prepared for the week ahead.  I feel healthy.  I’m getting sooo much better at self care.  It’s awesome.

I do hope that said “extremely busy schedule” will ease up juuuust a little so I can fit in one of those long luxurious baths sometime soon, though.  Jeeez. I wonder if bath essence expires?   Hope not.

Thanks for reading.




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