Amber — 2.5 km jog!

SAWB trying to feed her coffee to Creepy Statue in Yaletown

Okay, it needs to be shared…

I jogged 2.5 km this morning without stopping, then walked another 3 km after that!  A great way to break in my new running shoes.  🙂

I feel great right now and I’m looking forward to challenging myself with more jogging this week in order to build up my endurance for longer distances.

Thanks, SAWB, for you support and jogging inspiration! (And thanks for the pretty water bottle!)

me holding said new water bottle!

And, without further adieu, here are some random fun iPhone pics from the last few days (inspired by Deb’s recent photo posts!):


springing up by the city

Lonsdale Quay in the late afternoon sun

My new American Eagle walking shoes -- $4 at Value Village!

What. The. F**K??


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