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Hey all,

I’ve been doing some cooking in the last coupla days.  And the weather has been nice, so last night (after we ate) my son and I played badminton for 1 hour outside!! 😀  At the end we were playing in the dark, which was so fun!  Here’s a pic (above) of the sunset from our backyard oh about 40 minutes before it said goodnight!


Today I baked a recipe that looks pretty darn good!! 😀  Haven’t tried it yet, but MAN!  It’s a sweet looking dish!  And According to Weight Watcher’s, only 3 points a slice.  Being the lazy free-enterprising person I am, I sliced and diced it up into 8 pieces at 5 points a pop.   Yummy!! 

Oh Sweet Caroline!! Three years later the same online Weight Watcher recipe says it is 4 points for 12 slices, which would mean my dimply bon ami’s are actually 6 points each.  Well, you’ve got a conscience – use it! 

My photog is first…. in comparison with the original WW pic.  It could just be lighting, but I think WW’s looks a little anemic, don’t you? 

 Good thing there’s a lot of spinach in it eh?   haha..

And while I’m posting pics of food… here’s my glorious bean recipe and a fairy princess story I like to drag out on occasion. 

Years and years ago I was the receptionist at H&R Block.  I actually brought a calculator to my interview I was so nervous.   It was a fun job, except for those busy days when everyone complained about how long they had to wait for their “walk in” appointment, or how no one told them they had to bring their actual T4s with them to the office, or if we didn’t produce a cheque for them today that they would be coming back here with a baseball bat at closing time with a Schedule 1 Form for us to fill out!! Ummmm…. yeah.  So, as I was saying, all was going wonderfully well.  No one had asked me to subtract anything and the tax people were fun – albeit mostly type A’s on their way to getting a degree in bookkeeping or something and who liked to poke fun at people who paid $45 to have their one T4 e-filed for a $50 return.    I came to work every day, not necessarily looking for love, but just hoping no one would find that tiny calculator bulge in my pocket.   A travelling salesman dropped off a bunch of cookbooks for us to “look at” and said he’d be back in a week to pick up the books and take our orders if we had any.  Despite my protests that tax season was ending and he’d have to come back in 3 days, he assured me he definitely would.   Well, tax season ended.   I was out of a job.  My type A’s and I sat in the office and ate pizza, not minding the carpet since the space had just been temporarily rented while I swooned with joy.  Mr. Travelling Salesman never came back.  The cookbook was mine!!!   At that time I was not the strapping specimen of directness I am now, nor the post-modern fairy princess who realized Prince Charming  had only upgraded and gotten his castle by renovating and selling his tiny, but neat townhouse that was in the good end of town.  I literally had to fight (verbally) with 3 people to take this baby home with me and over the 13 years I’ve had it, I’ve made 3 recipes.   Three. Recipes.   Although I have to say this recipe was worth every baseball bat I’ve ever brandished!!  haha…

Recipe from Brand Name Cookbook – adapted by me!

2 cans of canned black beans, drained    *540 mL 

1 cup of salsa

1 small can of diced green chilies (not jalapeno peppers!)  *114 mL

1 bunch of green onions, chopped

1-2 cloves garlic (or to taste)

1 tsp – tbsp ground cumin  (to be added during the last minute of cooking)

Place all ingredients (except cumin) into ungreased pan.  Heat on medium for 5 minutes until green onion looks wilted.    Add cumin as above.. you’ll get the handle on it I’m sure.   Serve it up old school with crumbled feta,  on top of rice, naked as a side dish, in burritos, etc.  Healthy, wonderful, and so simple.  Enjoy!  

And now my friends…. a little sleep, a little folding of the hands.  The sleepy time – she comes.  😉


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