Amber — Tracking yesterday :)

Tracking yesterday today!  I planned on doing it last night, but ended up watching the season premier of Glee (3/5 stars, if you ask me) and ANOTHER RIDICULOUSLY MIND BOGGLING episode of LOST instead.  🙂

So here goes…

MOOD:  Motivated, empathetic towards sick friends, overwhelmed with many loose ends to tie up (grrrr), excited about new purple hoody (it really doesn’t take much to make me happy, I tell ya!).


Breakfast:  7:14 am–  Greens Powder and bran muffin (made by Deb!).

Lunch:  11:00 am —  My Roommates strawberry muffin (I know, muffin for breakfast and for lunch, not so great!).   1:00 pm  — quinoa salad and four pieces of fresh chopped pineapple!  😉 MMMmmmmmm.  That’s all I gots ta say!

Dinner: 5:00 pm — homemade dal (ate it at work…washed out the zip lock bag…will use it again!)

Snacks:  3:45 — tall americano with milk.  8:45 pm — one piece of whole grain toast (2 pts, FYI) with some feta/roasted red pepper spread, a bunch of spinach, some chopped up tomato and a few slices of avocado.  Oh yeah, and ONE almond shortbread drop thingy that My Roommate got from Whole Foods.  Sooo good.


1.  Again, I went shopping yesterday at Value Village…got some new spring clothes.  It was great and I’m so glad I got it done.  I tend to HATE shopping and avoid it at all costs, but this experience was actually pleasant.  And…achem…if I can have your attention please….I AM OFFICIALLY A SIZE 12 DOWN FROM A SIZE 14.  Yes.  You heard me right.  *pumps fist in air*.  Wooot!

2.  I decided I am going to start wearing hats again.  They are great for rainy days, and bad hair days, and don’t-want-to-look-other-people-in-the-eyes days.

3.  My Roommate (let’s just call her MR from now on) and I have a neighbor who I will call Crazy Laundry Lady (CLL).  She has issues with laundry…and other things (picture a Type A Lindsay Lohan).  She often takes other people’s laundry out of the machine before it is dry and puts her own in the dryer.  And she does laundry outside of the posted laundry times (7 am to 10 pm), about which MR confronted her a few months back via notes posted in the laundry room back and forth.  I’m sure the rest of the peeps in the apartment building got a kick out of them!  Anyway, needless to say MR and CLL no longer speak due to the deep wounds that were inflicted on CLL in this note passing process.  So, yesterday when CLL saw MR in the laundry room  (and MR just happened to be folding CLL’s dried laundry for her, without realizing, because she’s a sweetheart and just DOES stuff like that for other people…she folded mine too!), CLL turned around, stormed back into her apartment, slammed her door hard and wouldn’t come back out…and then she proceeded to throw something at her own door in a fit of rage.  And what did we get out of this display?  CHEAP ENTERTAINMENT.

Dear CLL,

Just want you to know that life is beautiful and people are more important than laundry. Also, you are impatient and seem to have a martyr complex…bad combination when you share living space with other people.   My advice?  First of all, stop it with the hard drugs.  Secondly —  get a shrink and deal with…well, I’ll let him/her tell you what.  Thirdly — apologize to your door!!



2 thoughts on “Amber — Tracking yesterday :)

  1. Wow Jamber!! 😀 Congratulations!! You’re looking FAB! Oh to be sweet 16 and size 12!! 😀

    Love the pics and I have a coupon for Greens Powder if you want it.

    Ooh crazy martyr CLL… she only messes with the dryer because she knows she’s a. full of hot air. b. just static cling. c. She doesn’t have the balls to SHOUT it out in person. haha.

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