Deb says: Its a Mixed Bag today!

Darlings… it’s a mixed up world today and here is proof!


  • 2 bran muffins with peaches (recipe in recipes!).. mmm… 4 points.
  • Black Coffee with delectable Creamer!! 1 point.  ONE CUP of it today.  Whoever invented addictions sure didn’t do me any favors today!

Question for the universe.  If unfair-trade coffee becomes illegal, will traffickers be roasted over the coals before going to jail?


  • Lean Cuisine Chicken Fettucine – 6 points.   The reason I became infatuated with yellow zucchini.  Tastes the same, but who can resist a bright yellow marrow of happiness? Probably the green ones…. zucchini are insanely jealous creatures.

  • A salad – yes!!! A SAL-AAAAAAAAAAD…. as my uvula swings to and fro in distinct excitement of said SAL-AAAAAAAD going down the hatch.   Crispy, crunchy, fresh, and greeeeeen!!  That little pick me up chat I had with you Ambo did the trick.  Vegetables ARE our friends!!!

  Until we eat them.  2 points.

  • Granbar, although a new one… Curves Strawberry.  YumY! 2 points.
  • Banana 2 points.

So far:  18 points.  I have a juice box I may drink later (but never did). 

My new posting strategy is to post my breakfast and lunch stats while I’m at that place on my break… and then dinner at home.

FUDGE !!!!!!     (I’d say packers, but apparently there are teenagers reading this blog.  TEENAGERS I TELL YA!!)… anyway… just to let you know, it does NOT pay to look at the “tastes good food website” and see homemade chocolate dipped donuts and check to see if I have all the ingredients and time to make them tonight while excessively drooling.  Damn it all…. I’m a SERIOUS weight loss journalist!    I demand to be treated with respect!

And now for something completely different….


Came home… full of power… full of of no longer thinking “I’m always going to be the fat girl”…. full of good intentions….. and so full of hunger….. yes!  My friends!!! 😀   I am TRIUMPHANT!!!!

I FINISHED MY FINANCIAL PAPERS!!! hahaha… fooled ya.  oh so anticlimactic…. well, anyway…. I ate

  • Another muffin 2 points.
  • 3 marachino cherries… ooooh….I know… it just gets better!

  • Toast and Light Boursin – 4 points.
  • Craisins – 2 points. 
  • Asiago and artichoke dip and pita bread –  14 points.  Total points = 40.  So.. I’m crossing 7 points off my ‘extra’ list and calling it a day!!  😀  Gnite all…. sweeeeeet dreams!



4 thoughts on “Deb says: Its a Mixed Bag today!

  1. “vegetables are our friends…until we eat them.” HAHAHA!! I was having a rather absurd conversation with a wise old artichoke the other day, and she mentioned that too.

    • Thanks! 😀 I’m glad you liked them! The nice thing about that recipe is that it is SO easy… I mean who EATS 100% Bran cereal? Nobody… haha. That’s why I always have the ingredients for the muffins.

      Oooh sal-aaaad! The French guillotine’s got nothing on me!

      A wise old artichoke eh? Did you bite her head off at the end of that conversation? I would have.

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