Amber — The Daily News — SUNSHINE!

It is absolutely a beautiful, wonderful sunny day today.  I found myself walking down the street smiling as *sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy…sunshine almost always makes me high* played spontaneously on my brainP3 player (it’s IN my head, you know).   I felt grateful for my life, grateful for my job, grateful for the people that I get to journey with.  Sunshine’l do that to a gal…I’m so gullible!  These days are rare and oh so vital.  I’m. Just. Thankful.  I have nothing to complain about.  Whatever is broken in me will eventually be fixed.  Whatever is lacking I can live without.   Well…except for a bike and a new pair of running shoes and some clothes that actually fit me right…definitely CANNOT live without those things much longer.  If you look at my feet and not at my face, you will think I am a homeless man.  For real.  New shoes absolutely needs to happen.  And it dawned on me recently that the majority of my clothes are too big for me (especially since losing another 6 lbs recently).  I haven’t bought anything new because finances have been tight and also I’m just soooo lazy about that kind of stuff, but there comes a time to shop and that time is now.    And the bike.  Do you ever get the feeling that something is missing from your life?  I do.  I have that feeling right now, you know why?  CAUSE I DON’T OWN A BIKE!!! I biked everywhere for four months straight last year (spring through fall), and then sold my bike after the saddle was stolen.  I’m ready to be Bike Riding Amber again.  Oh yes.  Craigslist here I come. Will post when the bike is purchased.  🙂

And now for the tracking:

MOOD:  Grateful for almost everything.  Happy with the sunshine.  Positive about the future.  Wanting to put more focus into weight loss and consistency with eating.  Disappointed with food choices this week.


Breakfast/Lunch:  Chai latte from Bean Around The World at Lonsdale Quay.  Two bites of Ma Middle Sistas falafel.  Half a bowl small bowl of smoked salmon/potato soup and half a bowl of turkey vegetable soup (we shared) + one whole grain roll.

Dinner:  Tuna sandwich.  Bowl of tomato basil soup.  Brownie (not so impressed with this choice, atm).

Water:  6 cups so far, but working on my water bottle as I blog!  Aiming for 10 cups before end of day.


Curves/workouts/jogging:  So far I have only worked out at Curves once this week.  I’m planning on getting to Curves tomorrow around 11:00 am if I can (told My Roommate I would babysit so she can get her car detailed…not sure about timelines!).  I was planning on going to Curves this morning but ended up sleeping over at My Middle Sistas place last night and was a city away! I need to start streamlining my schedule in order to avoid missing workouts!  I haven’t jogged either.  Disappointed with myself and the busy schedule that is keeping me fat!!  Hiking on Sunday morning (YES!).  Also planning on walking to work tomorrow afternoon ( 5 km).

Greens:  I haven’t taken the greens yet.  They arrived and I unpacked them, but I have no healthy juice at the moment to take them with.  I am going shopping for groceries Sunday and will purchase Happy Planet mango/coconut juice so I can commence with the daily greens next week!  Without the juice they are nearly unswallowable, to be honest!

Reading:  I have managed to read three more chapters of my book!  LOVING IT!  Hope to be finished by the end of the weekend.

Water:  Drank over 8 glasses of water EVERY day this week!  🙂

Work:  At the end of this work week (Sunday for me) I will have worked a total of *drum roll please* 42 hours!  That’s 6 extra hours this week!  Wahoo…just have to get through my shifts tomorrow and Sunday!


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