Amber — April 1, fools, that’s right!

Yes, that is a picture of rain.  It is raining outside.  Fitting, right?

Today was a relatively good day.  I didn’t set any particular goals for this week so I am generally just trying to make wise choices hour by hour.  The reason I didn’t set any of my usual goals is because I knew I would be embarking on a new job with new hours (Tues and Thurs, 8-5ish) and therefore would not be able to attend Curves, that I would also be working my regular transcription job as often as possible, that I had run out my amazing Greens Powder (which is in the process of being delivered to me by UPS…thank heavens!!!), and that I would be overtired.  It happens sometimes, you just stumble upon those days or weeks where for a multiplicity of reasons being healthy will be a challenge and you may have to dig out space enough to lower the proverbial bar…and then not bend over to bang your head against it later.  😉

I am proud of myself for working health into a crazy week and avoiding binge eating due to stress — probably the biggest accomplishment overall.  Next week will be even more health-full…I’m already getting excited about it!

MOOD:  Happy with new job and colleagues, tired, a bit somber and blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah right now after starting second job tonight, somewhat lonely and bored, wishing I was curled up in a cottage by a fire with a yuummmy book…and a generous lover (don’t even pretend you’ve never wished that!!!).


Breakfast:  One glass of water before leaving for work followed by a grande americano with cream and one bite of an oat fudge bar (I know…I was seriously rushing this morning which meant no time for breakfast…and I was being treated by a friend to Starbucks drive through!).

Lunch:  We had a staff going away party today at Rodney’s Oyster Bar in Yaletown.  It was great!  Service was a bit wonky (forgot about the soup I ordered for almost 20 minutes!), but the food was very delicious.  I had a halibut sandwich and some corn chowder.  Ordered water as a drink.

Dinner:  One chamomile tea from Starbucks and the rest of the oat fudge bar.  Brilliant! Not.  To be honest though, I’m still full from lunch and I currently lack motivation to eat, which is a rare feeling for me.  I’ll probably eat an orange later tonight when I watch The Office with My Roommate.


–  I got to highlight stuff again today *goosebumbs due to blissful satisfaction form…questions own sanity*

–  Made a biiiig decision that involves embedding ink under my skin.  Now for the right design, the right artist, and the right time!  No, I’m not telling you where or what!


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