Amber — March 23-29

I know it seems strange to start a blog (which you claim you will be updating daily) and then plan a gazillion trips away which prevent you from being able to stay true to your blogging commitments, but…c’est la effing vie.  That’s the way I roll sometimes.  😉

I was just away with my family for six days hanging out at my dad’s place in Winfield.  He’s such a joy to be around and I almost always TOTALLY CHILL OUT AND LET GO OF THE TIGHT GRIP I TRY TO KEEP ON EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE.  So…I guess blogging was one of the things that fell right out of my hands for a wee while.

Anyway, I’m back now, and although I have one heck of a hectic week to look forward to, I will be blogging, if not daily then definitely bi-daily!  Is that even a word?  If not, can I take credit for making it up?  Hmmm…..

So, no big updates tonight, as filling you in on the general consumption and random embellishments of six days would likely take me hours to write and you more than 10 minutes to read (which I’m told is not PC in the blogging world) — so I shall refrain.   Let me just say I ate pretty darn well up there — lots of veggies and fruit, some treats here and there but with the exercise I got in with my sister every other day it all balanced out!

I will give you a couple embellishments though…

– My sister Naomi, my mom and dad and I played LORD OF THE RINGS TRIVIAL PURSUIT for hours last night!  (Yes — my parents have been divorced for over a decade…yes they are still friends and like to hang out and get rowdy like a couple of teenagers…no it is not weird at all for us!) I lost to my dad by SEVEN POINTS ONLY (he is a LOTR guru)!!  Conclusion: I KICK SO MUCH ASS AT LOTR Trivial Pursuit and that makes me grinny…and possibly nerdy and unboyfriendable.  Also, and I am ashamed to report this, in the hours before we began playing this beloved game, our mother was caught red-handed reading through the answer cards so she could have a fighting chance at winning the game…no lie…she was all stealth.  And you know what? It did her no good, no good at all…she lost…like badly lost…as any tricksy cheater should!  (Love you ma!)

– I came to the realization that I feel the same way about overeating as I do about bad relationships I’ve had in the past with certain people — it’s one of those things I need to cut off and say goodbye to.  “Food” personified is like that terrible friend who likes to lead me in the wrong direction or offer me false comforts in my times of distress — it’s necessary to cut off the relationship and take a stand, ignore the bad advice it’s giving me and embrace the truths I already know inside.

That’s all for now, folks.  Peace out!