Amber — Some Embellishments

I saw the movie The Runaways, starring Kirsten Stewart and Dakota Fanning, yesterday.  It. Was. So. Friggin. Good!! Kirsten Stewart is one of the most versatile young actresses in the world!  She completely pulled of an angry, angsty, bisexual Joan Jett without a hitch.  It was very convincing and very intense.  That girl deserves some recognition!  And, I won’t leave out the beautiful Dakota Fanning, who played the role of Cheri Currie with much aplomb, taking huge risky steps away from her tame acting norm with this very provocative role.  Both girls acted with “balls to the wall” and gave it everything they had to give.  Word!

I. Got. My. Taxes. Filed. Today.  Nuff said.  (I have been avoiding this task like the plague, and it turned out to be 98% easier than I expected). 😉

This evening my Favorite Five-Year-Old Boy decided to start his own restaurant…in the bathroom.  He set up a table for two, for My Roommate and I, complete with chairs, napkins, art work on the walls…it was really quite something!  The entree consisted of six pieces of Corn Bran cereal arranged just so and two pieces of kale (which I’m pretty sure he picked up off the floor after I had dropped a few pieces while chopping it up).  The restaurant even has a French name that he came up with completely on his own — Pariveir.  Pictures, if you please:


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