Amber — March 17-22 — Birth, Birthdays, Bellboys, Beets!!

Well, it’s been five days since my last post so here is the GARGANTUAN update post.  I fully intended on posting e v e r y  s i n g l e  d a y  last week, but life intervened…literally!  Last Wednesday afternoon I received a text message from a good friend of mine letting me know that she had gone into early labour (36 weeks gestation!).  My Roommate and I drove out to the Fraser Valley late that night to be her doulas and assist in one of the most remarkable and beautiful home births I have ever been a part of.  It was a gift!  There is nothing that binds women together more intensely than helping one another through the birthing process.  We were MEANT to support each other in this way, and I am so grateful to be a doula and have this experience with so many of my closest friends.  A picture of babe, mom, and dad at the moment right after baby was delivered and put on mom’s chest:

I took a hiatus from blogging to catch up on sleep the following day (Thursday).  Friday morning I headed to curves *pats self on back*, then spent the afternoon helping my roommate prepare for her daughter’s 1st birthday.  She decided to make an owl cake and some owl cupcakes for the big event, and it was so much fun to put together. Here are some pictures of the final results!  AMAZING!! And the party, held at Little Nest, was just sah-well.

Saturday morning I was boating off to Victoria with a Good Friend for the weekend.  We were going to attend her sister’s art collective’s art show/open house for the community (wow…complicated sentence).  It was such a relaxing and inspiring trip.  Things I did:

– Peed in the Fairmont Hotel bathroom (which had gorgeous wallpaper, FYI!).

– Took hundreds of abstract photos.

– Slept in a large cloud-like queen-sized bed.

–  Soaked in a jetted hot tub

–  Rented New Moon from the hotel movie catalog for a whopping $13 in desperation.

– Walked down Fan Tan Alley, the narrowest alleyway in Canada!

– Ate dim sum in Victoria’s Chinatown (after which I was nearly unable to walk BACK down Fan Tan Alley)

–  met a ruggedly handsome bell boy.

– Enjoyed the simple beauty of delicate and fragrant spring blossoms.

–  Had a near panic attack in the backseat of a van after being assaulted by two GIANT (okay…so they were the size of my pinky, whatever!) spiders causing me to cry in front of strangers

— Had me some time on the open ocean.  ARRRR!

Overall, one the better trips I’ve been on in recent day. Here are some pics:

And now, it’s Monday and I’m back in the city and back in the kitchen!  That’s right…tonight I cooked for My Roommate and My Favorite Five-Year-Old Boy.   I was inspired by a dormant packet of goat cheese crying out to be used, which I noticed in the fridge for the umpteenth time this morning.  I LOVE goat cheese and beet salad, so I thought I would give it a try.

One of the most exciting elements of preparing a meal is the shopping that happens first!  I love shopping for produce, picking that perfect beet, that robust and leafy head of spinach, that pleasingly ripe avocado — it’s very therapeutic and a place I am allowed to have discriminating tastes!  I bought everything I needed, shoved it in my backpack, and headed for home…and then I remembered Dutch Girl Chocolates on The Drive.  I just HAD to make one more stop there — not for me, but for my My Roommate!  Yes, yes, my faithful ole’ roommate.  I wanted to get her a special somethin’ because she did a VERY brave thing today.  I won’t say what, cause it’s my job to blog about MY life not other people’s, but I will just say that it was something that she practiced long and hard for and will hopefully give her a HUGE career boost!  (Update!!!:  She auditioned for a full length feature…and she booked the lead supporting role!!!!!!!)  I found a dark chocolate heart-shaped lollipop that said “you’re awesome”.  I repeated the words out loud to myself when I went up to the till to pay, to which the attendant replied “Thank you…oh wait…you’re talking about the chocolate heart, aren’t you?”  It was funny…to me.

Anyhow…moving forward…I arrived home around 5 pm, unloaded the groceries, cleaned up the kitchen, vacuumed and swept the house, then started the process of peeling and cutting the beets, lightly coating them in olive oil with a dash of salt and pepper before sticking them in the oven at 350.  I then blanched the kale until it was softer and more easily edible, after which I set it marinating in a vinaigrette dressing (virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and strawberry jam). I decided to make Amber’s Famous Quick  Biscuits to go along with the salad.  These were really fun.  I got creative by adding a bit of curry powder and cottage cheese for extra flavour and yumminess.  After the biscuits and beets were cooked, I mixed fresh spinach with the kale mixture and toasted up some walnuts in the frying pan.  I then plated the greens, added a layer of fresh avocado, followed by the toasted walnuts, the roasted beets, and a spoonful of goat cheese.  I completed the whole shabang with a biscuit on  each plate and we were good to go!  It was a huge success…although My Favorite Five-Year-Old Boy thought it was “swampy”.  Not sure what that means exactly, but I assume he was thinking of inviting Shrek and Fiona over to finish his plate for him inconspicuously.  Yep.  Okay, enough blabbing…here is a picture!!!!  😉

MOOD:  Refreshed, contemplative, inspired, motivated.


Breakfast:  Bowl of Optimum Slim organic cereal with skim milk, and…a few pieces of totsi roll *blush*.

Lunch:  Steamed bok choy, agadeshi tofu…a few more pieces of totsi roll (why, Amber, WHY?!) *extreme blush*.

Dinner:  *Redemption!!!* Homemade roasted beet and goat cheese salad with homemade curry/cottage cheese biscuits. ..and a glass of diluted orange juice.  😉


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